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Tinkercad Judges' Prize (3)

  • Creating a Key Pendant With Tinkercad
    Creating a Key Pendant With Tinkercad
    by curiousgood

    Before I start this Instructable, I should mention that this is just my process. You’ll inevitably come up with your own process and will probably decide a lot of the things I’m doing or suggesting aren’t for you. The important thing if you’ve never used Tinkercad before is to be patient with you…

  • Easy Wooden or Skateboard Rings: No Lathe
    Easy Wooden or Skateboard Rings: No Lathe
    by fizzy123

    After many different trials and methods, I have found a very easy way to make rings with minimal tools. These rings are very stylish and comfortable. They take about 30 minutes to make one. I am entering this into the Jewelry contest. It would be amazing if you could vote for me if you liked the …

  • 3D Printed Dangle Earrings
    3D Printed Dangle Earrings
    by LearnAtLaunchpad

    With minimal design, materials, time and effort, you can have a pair of dangle earrings with the help of a 3D printer. This project takes less than an hour and can provide you with earrings that are a perfect match for that outfit or a last-minute gift for a friend or relative. This is also a …

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It’s that time again! We want to see all your best jewelry tutorials, whether they’re project or skill based. 

Are you a traditional jeweler? Do you work with upcycled materials? Have a skill you've perfected? Share your jewelry tutorials for your chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card, a Dremel tool kit, a metal stamping kit and more!

This year we're also offering three Tinkercad Judges' Prizes (A $100 Amazon gift card!) for jewelry projects that use Tinkercad in their creation.

We can't wait to see what you make!