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Picture of ' LED FLASHLIGHT ' From Trash

Hello Guys,

Today in this instructable I made a new bright LED flash light from old filament bulb torch. Some day before, in a cleaning work, I saw a good looking beautiful torch in my house. But it is not in working condition. I found that its bulb is fused. This torch contains a filament bulb. So I decided to modify it into a new one. So I decided to place an LED instead of filament bulb. But there is a problem, the torch is designed for two AA cells. So the white LED is not work good in this voltage. So I decided to make boost converter for light-up the LED from a small voltage and I replace the cells by using two NiMH cells. The NiMH cells also have a lower voltage than the previous ones. But the boost converter overcome this problem. So here I made a simple boost converter made by using a single transistor and it works very well from 1.5V. So it is works very well in this flash light. So I successfully modify an old torch light to a new rechargeable LED flash light.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools

The materials Needed

One old torch, Old convex lens with small focal length, resistors, transistor, capacitor, diode, inductor core (torroidal ferrite), enameled copper wire, cello tape, NiMH cells, etc...

All the electronic components are SMD components. These all are reused from old PCBs. It is taken from old PCBs and with out making any damage to the components by using de-soldering techniques.

The de-soldering is explain in the above video.

Tools Needed

Soldering iron(micro), Tweezers, solder wire, flux, sand paper, hacksaw blade, small knife, etc...

MaraCreates4 months ago
This looks so complicated, but you did a great job at explaining how you made it.
YADUKRISHNAN K M (author)  MaraCreates4 months ago