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Step 2: Appy Duo

Picture of Appy Duo

Software Setup Video:

Having Duo running in Chromium was great, and I assumed I'd just run it full-screen, but then (literally by accident) I realised it could run "out of browser", in the same way you can "install" web apps on a Windows PC - here's how:

- Go to the Google Duo site in Chromium on the Pi (

- Log in with the Google account you want to use to make the doorbell calls

- Click on the three dots (hamburger) > Install Google Duo (If you're not using the most recent Raspbian you may need to select More Tools > Add to Desktop

- Click "Add" in the dialogue box that appears

- A Google Duo shortcut appears on the desktop

If you then double-click the icon on the desktop Duo opens, but like an app, without the usual Chromium furniture. I'm not sure if running it in this way uses less Pi resources (seems to make sense?) but it does make for a cleaner interface.

After some testing I set up a separate google account for the doorbell and linked it to a phone number on an android phone - you may not need to do this if you have an existing google account and you're happy to use it for the doorbell.

It doesn't remember your login details at every launch, but it does stay logged in once you've opened it, mine has been running for over a week without having to touch it. Before making a test call you need to make sure the webcam is plugged in and choose the audio sources, by clicking on the "cog" settings icon and "Manage Sources". The mic & speaker options available are straightforward, and you can play a test sound to make sure they're correct - you'll have to grant permission in a popup the first time you do this, and may need to experiment depending on your webcam/audio setup.

With the sources saved it's also a good idea to set the video shape to Wide so that you see as much as possible when the doorbell calls you. To do this click on a contact as if you're about to make a call, then click on the "Show Wide Video" rectangle in the top corner of the video preview, then hit the X to go back. This setting will be remembered until the Pi is rebooted.

croweragan27 days ago
Hi. Thanks for sharing this.

I'm running the latest Raspbian but there's no "Install Google Duo" under the three dots/hamburger. When I use More Tools --> Add to Desktop it just creates a shortcut to that webpage. Opening it just runs Chromium and goes to that page. What am I missing about running a standalone Google Duo app?

Thanks for any insight you can share.