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Step 9: Assembly and Painting

Picture of Assembly and Painting

Assembly Video:

Having test-fitted the perspex chassis into the intercom I gave it a coat of paint - I agonised over colours for a while, trying to choose between white, matt black and brown, but went with "Claret Red" for a change.

The final assembly was pretty straightforward thankfully, and I hot-glued the intercom chassis to the case towards the end, also fitting the wireless doorbell circuit inside the back of the unit to make it easy to change the battery. The very last job was to add in a nameplate, which I just printed out in various font sizes - but when I came to add this I realised that disastrously some hot glue had seeped through a tiny hole in the case, spreading all over the fresh paint and blocking the nameplate slot.

Two hours of delicate scalpel-scraping later the glue was gone, but I had to repaint part of the case - a total pain, but really I should have left the paint to harden for another few days - I'll never learn!