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Picture of 3 Shop Organization Ideas + Tips

In this Instructable , I want to show a few things that are relatively easy to construct, don't require a lot of material, and will help organize your shop space. Each one of these items can be constructed in a day or less depending on your skill level. I was very fortunate to have free reign when designing and laying out the shop I presently run.

I have included drawings and a few cabinet maker tips for:

1 : Mobile Clamp Cart, that can easily be modified to suit your individual requirements.

2 : Mobile Pipe Clamp Rack.

3 : Simple Lumber Storage Rack, that can easily be turned into a shelving unit, simply by adding plywood.

Step 1: Mobile Clamp Cart

Picture of Mobile Clamp Cart

Over the years I have seen a lot of designs for mobile carts.The main purpose of which is to bring the clamps to the work, instead of packing them across the shop from a rack on the other side of the room. I have seen some carts that were so large and heavy that they ended up sitting in one place anyways because it took two men to move it.

I designed a rack small enough, only having a 24" x 26" footprint, that virtually has 23 sq ft. of usable wall space. It is stable and can be modified to hold more than just clamps .Shelves, hooks and any thing you can hang on a wall could be added. It only requires 1 and 1/3 sheets of plywood and 4 castors .

SteveDonie6 months ago
I just have to say I love your drawings.
neslo63 (author)  SteveDonie6 months ago
Thanks that goes back to my younger days when I was taking civil engineering and we still had to do all our drawings on a drafting table, I still do all my drawing for kitchens on a drafting table.
Cheers and have a great day.
ToucanDoit6 months ago
I really appreciate Instructables like this from folks like you with more knowledge and experience than me. Please keep putting more out. Ideas can always be modified or serve as inspiration for one's own little garage/shop like mine. Thanks.
neslo63 (author)  ToucanDoit6 months ago
Thank you for your support, I plan on doing more on a variety of things and will try to include a few tips and tricks along the way, and maybe a few fun things as well . Cheers !!
Wow! That looks awesome! I love how compact the clamp storage is. If I didn’t already have a mobile clamp rack, I’d probably build your version.
neslo63 (author)  handmadewithashley6 months ago
Thanks for your comment, maybe in the future you might need another one , who knows ?
Very clean!
RobotFarmer6 months ago
Hello Sir.

First. Thanks for taking the time to write this Instructable. Like the last poster, most folks don't get to do this kind of stuff for a living so space is an issue. I'm blessed as I have access to my dad's old barn to play in. I say play because dad always said, "Son, find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." I love being semi retired. I know that I will never be a "professional" wood worker as I don't do my projects for monetary pay. I find the most joy when I have my Cub Scouts come out to the farm and learn a little about farm life and woodworking. So thanks for sharing your time with me and my scouts.

Speaking of sharing. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks of the trade. (More things I can pass onto my scouts) I may not build a pipe clamp cart but I can always use some aspect of it in a project. The storage unit would be great if I had enough wall space to build it on. I guess ol' Bessy the tractor will have to scoot over now. LOL But you did build something that I've always struggled with. I may or may not build a bar clamp cart as well but now I KNOW how to cut a long taper with a table saw. If grandpa was still alive, he could've taught me. The military does have a way of keeping away from home. So now I have to rely on friends I've never met to teach me things so I can teach them to my scouts. Seems like I've read that in the Bible somewhere. Something about helping one another. So my friend. Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring. I'll be watching for more projects from you. Sincerely Cubmaster Perry. PS The look on a kindergartener's face when they realize that the tongue of the cow that they've been hand feeding for the first time is 27 ft long and it's wrapping around their whole arm is priceless. 90% of all my scouts are city folk. Anyway thanks again.
neslo63 (author)  RobotFarmer6 months ago
Thank you for your kind words and I am so glad you were able to learn something new, It just goes to show that were never too old to learn some new tricks, I'm fairly new to this whole instructable thing ( 2 weeks ) and I am learning from other as well. So far I'm enjoying writing these instructables,and I think it's great that your involved with helping kids learn as a scout master. My four kid are all grown now ( still no grand kids yet ) but when they were young my wife and I were involved with Awana (boys and girls club ) run though our church ,and I know what you mean when take about the look of awe on a kids faces.
Over the last 7 years my wife and I,and on the last trip my youngest son traveled to the Dominican Republic on mission trips. I have been 4 times to work at an orphanage for young boys ,working on homes and a school. I tell you this because when you talked about cub scouts , it reminded me about all those boys in the orphanage who are probably about the same age as your cub scouts. Thanks again and Thank you for being a teacher to young minds . PS I now consider you a friend, and my wife thought your comment was awesome!!
Thanks for the kind reply. If you ever do any Instructable on wooden puzzles, "Pandora's" boxes, games, car or the such, please give me a shout out.
I'd love to make them. Had a military family living here who moved back East. Going to be building a "farm" doll house for their daughter (including John Deer tractors, Sprayer, hay balers, plows and the likes.) We mostly grow Wheat and Cotton around here. When the Cotton is ready to pick, the fields are white like it snowed. We call that Oklahoma snow. So long for now my friends.
Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
I dream of streams filled with fresh squeezed orange juice and candy fish. I dream of The Big Rock Candy Mountain.
But man, oh, man more than any of those, I dream of a shop like this.
neslo63 (author)  Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
It's definitely great to have a shop like this to work in, I don't own it but I still take pride in it because I got to set it all up from scratch. May your dreams someday be fulfilled that you too have an awesome shop.
Maybe you can tell me the purpose of the upvote button , I have no idea what it does.
Thanks for your comment, it made me smile
yrralguthrie6 months ago
Actually a good instructable, some folks would be able to downsize it by about half and make use of your techniques. In the US at least likely 80% or more of the workshops are in garages. No way for a clamp rack or lumber storage such as yours could be a priority. Clamps are usually kept on the wall, and that much wood storage would just be a dream. Lots of professionals write great Instructables, that are just not useful for most of the readers of this reflector. Someone with enough work area to use your tips(as good as they are) is usually skilled enough to do their own design.

I'd like to challenge you and other professionals to write to your audience rather than writing to gain exposure or to say "look at my instructable." Most of the time when an author introduces themselves with "professional or with their considerable accomplishments", I simply pass them over, in the belief that their instructable is for their edification. Use professional techniques and experience, but on a level non-professionals and amateurs can benefit from without having to rethink and redo the instructable.
neslo63 (author)  yrralguthrie6 months ago
Thank you for your feedback and I can appreciate what your saying , My intent was not to gain exposure, but was rather to encourage people to use some of my idea's in a way that could benefit them, by tweaking my designs and making them their own . making them better!! And as for edification( the improvement of the mind and understanding, especially by learning): That what I thought Instuctables is all about, I'm too old to try and impress anybody, I'm doing this just for fun more than anything, just trying to pass some of my knowledge and experience on. Yes I am a professional and I can't change that If you looked at my first instructable on the recirculating air spray booth, you can clearly see this is not something that every one can make. I realize this, and my intent was to show the principle of how it works, hoping others would experiment using some of my ideas. I understand what your saying about some of the Instuctables that require a very high skill level to attempt, but I still look at them knowing full well , I'ts something I could never attempt to do but maybe I will learn something along the way I didn't know. Thank you again for your feedback ,in the future I will keep what your saying in mind about writing to your audience. Cheers