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Most of the time I realized the necessity of controlling my room light from my bed. I can replace the bulb with a smart bulb but they are expensive. Some cheap solution is available using remote control but for this solution, I need to change or modify the switchboard. I don't like to do this because I am lazy and like to keep lazy. Suddenly I discover the smart bulb holder which can convert any lamp to smart lamp and does not require any connection change. I am sorry, these are also expensive.

Suddenly the idea came to my mind, why I am not making my own Smart Bulb Holder? I am a Maker!!!

Finally, I became successful to make my own Smart Bulb Holder by spending only $3 and going to share the recipe with you.

So, if you like to make one yourself keep reading and before going to next step watch the working video first.

Step 1: What You Need to Buy...

Picture of What You Need to Buy...
wall adapter.jpeg

To make the project you will be required a few basic components list as follows:

  1. ESP8266-01 WiFi Module ($1.15) (
  2. B22 to E27 Bulb Base ($0.45) (
  3. 5V Relay ($0.3) (
  4. 5V, 0.5A Mobile Charger (the old one will be ok) ($1) (
  5. 4N35 Optocoupler ($0.1) (
  6. 16V, 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor ($0.1)
  7. 2N2222A General Purpose NPN Transistor ($0.05)
  8. AMS1117 3.3V Regulator ($0.05) (
  9. 1K and 220R Resistor
  10. 1N4148 Diode
  11. Perfboard

You will also be required the following tools:

  1. Soldering Station (
  2. Wire Stripper & Cutter (
  3. 3D Printer (
  4. Slide Caliper (
pgs0709473 months ago
Useful project. Does your lamp still operate when you or someone else doesn't have their phone? Why the mix of bayonet and screw fittings? A couple of safety issues. You ought to incorporate a fuse in the mains power circuit and the other is the use of ES fittings. The polarity on BC fittings doesn't matter - you can insert them either way round, but it does matter with ES fittings. The live connection must always go to the centre pin and the neutral connection to the screwed holder. As it is possible to touch the screwed part of the holder, you could get a lethal shock. All mains wiring and terminals etc. must have at least 3-mm clearance between each other and any other parts of the circuit. I might add an LED indicator for testing or fault finding, with or without a lamp fitted.
DeanS23 months ago
I love this comment : "I don't like to do this because I am lazy and like to keep lazy."
Only us makers & tinkers are so lazy that we spend 3 hours automating a 5 minute job haha
Tweakerz3 months ago
Interesting and affordable alternative to buying for sure but dropping this line to inform you the links to Blynk need to be checked and changed. I got an error plus you linked to iOS for Android users the same as for iOS.
audreyobscura3 months ago
Neat build! Thanks for sharing all your documentation too!