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Choose your own piano adventure. Learn to build a quick floor piano, an oversized portable piano, or even add flat/sharp notes for a fully functional full scale!

Supplies Needed:

Build One:

  • HVAC tape (Available at Home Depot, Lowes, Hardware store)
  • Makey Makey

Build Two and Three:

Step 1: ​Option 1: Super Simple Floor Piano

Picture of ​Option 1: Super Simple Floor Piano

This super simple floor piano only takes about 10 minutes to set up!

Grab some HVAC tape from your local hardware store. Please also note that the edge of HVAC tape can me be very sharp!

Use this aluminum tape to make 6 piano keys on the floor. Then run a strip of foil tape along the bottom to be your EARTH connection. We ran the tape on the bottom and folded the corner to run our EARTH to the top, so the alligator clips would all be out of the way when people are playing this piano with their feet. You need to fold the tape and not tear it as the adhesive is not conductive on HVAC tape. (Picture 1)

To make it look more like a piano and protect other players from the sharp edges of the tape, use duct tape to cover the sharp edges and run one piece of duct tape across the bottom.between the key presses and EARTH. (Picture 2)

Attach an each alligator clip to each foil strip then match each piano key to the piano app. Then make sure to connect EARTH to the grounding strip. The template in picture 3 should help you with your set up. When you step (in socked or bare feet) on a piano key with your heel on EARTH, you will play a piano note! Step on each key to play each note.

What songs can you play?

afifa132 months ago
Amazing idea.
ThisIsAshleyVil made it!4 months ago
I pretty much followed the same Directions as this post a few changes were the following:
-I used two Foam Posterboards that can be bought at the dollar stores and I taped them together to create a giant piano
-I cover the poster board in black butcher paper All the way around
-I glued Strips of foil paper to make they keys of the Piano
-I just attached extra long alligator clips to the end of each key and VOiLA (if that’s how you spell it)
Once everything is Hooked up I used one of the Piano Apps from the Makey Makey website to create some tunes!
MaraCreates5 months ago
This would be so cool to make, I can see my kids dancing around on it.
AnandM545 months ago
Really creative idea friend and nicely did it!! Cool idea!!!
FredTSL5 months ago
Another way to build one :
I always wanted to create the instructable for it, but never really had time to do more than what I posted on hackaday. As I'll build a new one soon, I will do more pictures and video of the build, so may be this summer, I'll be able to release it to Instructables.
audreyobscura5 months ago
This project is so rad! I really like the way the tape conductive contacts play into the design! <3
Thanky Thanky, Audrey!
Marciorocker5 months ago
This project made me remember this one:
MakeyMakey (author)  Marciorocker5 months ago
That is totally cool. We were thinking of this one:
And I think the guys on the video I posted were thinking of the same as you
This looks like such a fun project to make!

Do you have a list of supplies you need to make it?
MakeyMakey (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Doh! Of course. We added it to step one. For the first build you only need HVAC tape. For the other two, you'll need either a really large piece of cardboard or a yoga mat, some aluminum foil, and Duct Tape to insulate your circuits. Have fun and post your example on our guide if you make one!
geekyteach made it!6 months ago
A yoga mat from Five Below, some aluminum HVAC tape from Lowes, and presto! A roll up floor piano. The yoga mats are a great size - I cut mine in half and got two pianos out of it.