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Picture of 3-in-1 Desktop Organizer

This piece of desktop accessory was designed to serve 3 different functions.

  1. Laptop Stand: props the laptop up by 18cm from the surface of the desktop. This is the ideal ergonomic height making the top of the screen aligned to eye level.
  2. Organizer Tray: the built-in drawer at the front provides easy access for all your desktop stationaries.
  3. Docking Station: when the laptop is in docking position, things like power adaptors and hard drives can easily be plugged in but remain out of sight.


Step 1: Materials


This project was made entirely with plexiglass and held together by metal fasteners. Here's a list of materials I used for the build.

  • 5mm acrylic sheet (55cm x 60cm)
  • 3mm acrylic sheet (40cm x 40cm)
  • M5 x 20mm brass machine screw and nuts (x8)
  • M3 x 15mm stainless steel machine screw and nuts (x6)
  • white spray paint

Dimensions are tailer made for a 15" MacBook Pro. But will also work for all laptops 13" and above.

marcospo15 days ago
Great idea, superb execution!
shiv213216 days ago
This looks great! Where can I find the cutting file?
Thanks, Shiv
Gusgonnet16 days ago
beautiful and useful.
Well done!!!
Just a thought but this would make an interesting floating stand to put the screen at head height. I made a rough wood version of this to lift my laptop up so I would not have to look down for so long which cause neck pain. Even if you kept it table top and made it higher with more drawers the effect would be the same.
Nice, although you may want to use some kind of screw cover for the exposed screws.
ErikRuud17 days ago
This looks awesome but I seem to be missing something. I don't see the attached design file.
DavidA79420 days ago
what program do you use?
harryMake (author)  DavidA79419 days ago
Very clean outcome!
0jack21 days ago
This looks very nice and also versatile. The brass screws make this version look really classy and add a little aesthetic substance to it. I've never used a laser cutter before but apparently they have one downtown and I found some hot pink acrylic so I may be obliged to try it out for my kid.
harryMake (author)  0jack21 days ago
Thanks 0jack, let me know how it turns out. Im curious to see how it'll look in hot pink!