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Picture of 3D Printed Christmas Decoration: Two Colours + Encapsulated Foil!

Well firstly I must thanks Penolopy Bulnick (

It was Penolopy's instructables and great innovative ideas that inspired me to make this experiment and instructable. . I did not realise that it was possible to print on various materials in order to get the most out of my printer and print something different!

As I mentioned, I am just sharing some experiments I made and hope that someone will find it useful and make something better!

Step 1: First Attempts

Picture of First Attempts
WP_20181202_09_55_36_Pro (1).jpg
WP_20181202_10_12_05_Pro (2).jpg
WP_20181202_14_38_14_Pro (1).jpg

My first attempts were made by printing a thin layer directly onto the plastic foil. The plastic foil is the type used for wrapping chocolate Easter eggs in Italy for example. It is very thin (mine is 0.04mm!) but resistant. I had two sheets: one red and one gold. The red one seemed to shrink more than the gold one and the gold one seemed to stick better to the plastic. Hence, you may get different results depending on the foil. I also used a little alcohol to clean the foil, before using, in order to help the foil stick more. I also sprayed the foil with hair lacquer too.

The results were quite good but the foil could be peeled off and did not seem very permanent. However, the idea could be used to make rigid labels for example. In fact, I think it would be OK for labels that someone may want to fix to something with screws perhaps? ....just an idea.

This looks great! Thanks so much for sharing your technique :D
misterxp (author)  Penolopy Bulnick9 months ago
Thanks! Look forward to seeing what you create with it!