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Picture of 3D Printed Electric Motor

A 3D printed electric motor with a built in AA battery holder. The last step has the necessary .STL files.

Materials needed:

  • 14 gauge wire (or large paper clip)
  • 3x12mm neoydynium magnet
  • 2-3 feet of enameled magnet wire
  • AA Battery
  • M3 Bolts

Step 1: Introduction — How it works

An electric motor has two primary parts: A permanent magnet and a coil loop of some kind. When an electric current passes through the coil, the coil produces a magnetic field which interacts with the permanent magnet.

The coil ring experiences a torque causing it to rotate. The coil ring's magnetic field wants to line up with the permanent magnet's magnetic field. If the current stayed on, the coil ring would just find that position and stay there. The trick is turning off the current at just the right time and having momentum carry the ring until the current switches on again, torque is applied to the ring, and it does it over and over.

mnunesvsc made it!9 days ago
I printed just to alert for the lack of the key on the model
newman motor.jpgnewman motor case.jpg
David Galindo5 months ago
Please, I would like too much if I could see a video of how the motor works
JoeS3325 months ago
Didn't say where the magnet goes and what the polarity should be
Mattosx (author)  JoeS3325 months ago
The magnet is inserted into the slot right below the coil. The polarity of the magnet doesn't matter — its direction would just change the rotation of the coil.