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Picture of 3D Printed Geometric Planter With Drainage

I designed and 3D printed this geometric succulent planter, which has five chambers with drainage and a catch tray.

Step 1: 3D Model

Picture of 3D Model

I designed it in Tinkercad, where you can copy the original design file:

I've also uploaded the STLs to Thingiverse and attached them to this step.

To model the planter, I hollowed out a truncated octahedron, which is available deep in the Shape Generators section of the Tinkercad parts bin. Models are made up of solids and holes, so the hole centered within the solid, when merged, will result in a thin-walled hollow form. After duplicating and arranging the shapes, I then opened up the tops by merging with some rectangle shaped holes. The drainage is accomplished the same way. You can remix this model by making a copy of it on Tinkercad.

I sliced the model for printing using Cura to prep for printing on the Creality CR10s Pro.

demolishedman made it!3 months ago
I made this for my daughter who has a collection of succulents. It's only the third item I have printed so the planter is a bit rough but the tray is much better. I will do more for her in different colours.
bekathwia (author)  demolishedman3 months ago
I think it turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing a pic with us. I hope your daughter loves it.
Ham-made4 months ago
Hey Becky!
Rad design!
Mr. Ham
996Le4 months ago
thank you for this information.
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