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Picture of 3D Printed Projector | Geneva Drive

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Link to the Makers Muse project I remixed:

I saw a video about the Geneva Drive by Makers Muse on youtube and on Instructables but it was only used as a demonstration. The Geneva Drive holds it's position before quickly turning to the next position. I was inspired by this and I did my best to redesign and remix this 6 position Geneva Drive into a 3D printed 12 frame automatic projector!

Step 1: The Geneva Drive... Remixed

Picture of The Geneva Drive... Remixed

This is what the Geneva Drive looks like and what I remixed into. I had to figure out how to double the number of positions and attach a spinning wheel on top for the slides. I am not an engineer so I am happy that this works and how the final design turned out!

This is a really nice product!
What material did you use to print the parts?
pcarew5 months ago
Nice Idea.
What are the dimensions of the printed parts?
I'm trying to determine if my 3DPrinter is up to the task.
3DSage (author)  pcarew5 months ago
The wheel is the largest part and it is 133mm x 133mm x 39mm.
This looks really fun! What did you use to design the 3D print parts?
3DSage (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can create 3D animation in Autodesk 3Ds Max so I used that software to model the design and export it to my 3D printer.
uwezi5 months ago
Nice project - what your project is missing but was present in the "real" projectors is a blanking of the light source during the transitions. You could probably add this feature by directly switching on/off your flashlight...
twhite101 uwezi5 months ago
Add a micro switch that the pin can close and wire this switch to the flashlight. Also moving the light back some with a square shroud to limit the light spill on to other images would be an improvement. One probable issue when you get up to speed the quick starting and stopping will more than likely shake and come apart. Great likeness to the very first projectors.
tisaconundrum5 months ago
This is excellent! Your use of other instructables in the beginning was very resourceful. I've never seen or heard of a Geneva drive until now. Great job.
3DSage (author)  tisaconundrum5 months ago
Thank you! I was really inspired by this device and I so glad we have modern technology to be able to convert our ideas into reality and share with other creative people.
MichaelL1045 months ago
Nice Job , really enjoyed this instructable
3DSage (author)  MichaelL1045 months ago
I put a lot of hard work and time into this so I am glad to hear your nice comment! Thank you
CelioS5 months ago
Missing in the part list = The Cat :-) VERY NICE PROJECT!
3DSage (author)  CelioS5 months ago
Yes he loves the camera. The trick is keeping him out of the shot. haha :)
Great Job!!
Gadisha6 months ago
Nice project!
3DSage (author)  Gadisha6 months ago
Thank you for saying that! :)