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Picture of 3D Printer the C3Dt/bd (Big Delta)
2019-03-31 19.31.49.jpg

The C3Dt/bd is my latest 3D printer design and has been turning heads at various Maker Faires and most notably at the MidWest RepRap Festival 2019. It is large and and it is accurate and most importantly, most of it's parts are off the shelf. Following are some of the features of the C3Dt/bd:

  • Build Volume: 330mm(dia)x1240mm
  • Board: DuetWifi (24Volt)
  • Screen: Panel Due
  • Delta Smart Effector
  • BondTech Extruder
  • Flying extruder
  • Hot-end: E3D
  • Auto bed Leveling
  • BuildTak Flex Plate system (magnetic bed)
  • Built-in bed tensioning
  • Haydn Huntley’s Magball Delta arms
  • Easily detachable Flying extruder
  • 110volt heated bed
  • 6.8mm aluminum bed
  • Nema 23 stepper motors
  • Unique Cable Management
  • Board cooling fans
  • Parts cooling fan
  • 40mm fan bracket for heatsink (reduces noise)
  • Optional wheels in case you move it a lot

Fair warning, this is NOT a budget printer. Parts can easily run into to the thousands, but you do get one nicely working printer out of this. This being my first Delta, I was concerned about calibration and troubleshooting but I found that with the combination of parts/features above, the setup was child's play compared to some of the other printers I have designed.

For those who have seen this printer up and close, you'll know it's special feature is the convertible bed allowing the bed to to move position. This instructable currently DOES NOT cover that feature. However, I will point out design/purchase differences allowing to you to upgrade to this feature, once I do make it available.

disclaimer: I'm an affiliate to Amazon and any purchase you make through my links (please do) get me a small commission. It doesn't cover my cost but does allow me to buy some filament from time to time.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Picture of Bill of Materials
IMG_0088 (2).JPG

As I mentioned in the intro, this is not a budget printer. Cost on parts for me has run close to $4000. The parts below are mostly sourced in the US and I've opted for high quality linear rails by THK. These rails by far are the most expensive component of this printer. You can shop around for cheaper (or used on eBay) but, keep in mind that cheap rails may make for lower quality prints (a shame on a printer as large as this one).


Linear Rail 1630mm x3 $1,194.00:

Rail Block x3* $333.00

Effector arms (360mm) with Magballs $79.99: Filastruder

Bed Aluminum Cast 1/4inchx330mm $55.00 (Ask for quote)

Gt2 belt 10m x2 $25.76

Gt2 20 teeth 6.35mm pulley $9.19

Gt2 20 teeth idler $3.99

Corner brackets $51.00

1515 Extrusion $224 (plus shipping):

BuildTak Flex Plate system $105.00:

PEI Sheet 12"x12" $19.95:

3M double sided adhesive 12"x12" $14.99:

BMG extruder $89.99:

Casters (wheels) $12.00: Home Depot

Slinky (yes that's right) $5.93

Cork $11.10:

Nema 23 Stepper Vibration dampers $11.99

Cup Hooks $3.79:

Latex Tubing $12.99:

Acrylic sheet $15.61:


DuetWifi $169.99:

Delta Smart Effector $64.99:

Panel Due 7i $99.99:

Nema 23 Stepper Motor x3 $114.00:

Nema 17 Stepper Motor x1 $10.98:

Keenovo silicone bed $65.50:

Solid State Relay (SSR) $7.99:

40mm fan 24v 40mm $9.99:

Block/thermistor sock $19.99:

E3d heat break $14.99:

Heat cartridge 24V $7.99:

Mean Well 24Volt PSU $44.99:

22 Gauge wire for heater $10.98

16 gauge wire for mains $16.95:

Mail power socket $5:29

Power cord $6.47:

Wiring spade fork $7.82:

Wiring spade quick connectors $9.99:

Ferrules $13.89

Braided sleeving $10.95

Terminal strip (8 pos) $12.89

Makerbot style end stops $9.90:

Stepper cables (40m) $38.00:

JST Connector Kit $8.99:

Shrink Tubing $8.37:


M3 t-nut (300) $40.10

M4 20mm hex socket screws $12.99:

M6 10mm hex socket screws $12.99:

M6 16mm hex socket screws $12.99

M6 20mm hex socket screws $10.99

M5 10mm hex socket screws $9.38

M6 T-nuts (150) $30.00:

M3 20mm hex socket screws $9.25:

M3 14mm hex socket screws $8.95:

M3 16mm hex socket screws $9.25:

M3 25mm hex socket screws $12.99:

Assorted long m3 hex socket screws $12.99:

M3 square nuts $6.99:

Adhesive transfer tape $14.99:

M3 Hex nut $5.99:

M4 Flat hex nuts $9.62: McMaster Carr

M4 Lock Washers $2.71: McMaster Carr

M4 10mm hex socket screws $8.79:

M4 8mm hex socket screw $8.79:

Micro Zip Ties $5.99:

#10 3/4" washers $10.95:

Wood screws #4 3/4" $9.98:


PETG x4 $84.00:

PLA $x3 $60.00:

* 6 needed in case of future upgrade to movable bed

996Le4 months ago
this content is really interesting and informatic, thank you for sharing.
LisaDevis4 months ago
This is really helpful. Thank you for sharing the wonderful information. Kindly do visit this website for gadget related information
WinsionL5 months ago
I let you see what I did before ... :-p
Core3D (author)  WinsionL5 months ago
Wonderful Instructable, and thank you so much for bringing this printer to MRRF! Getting to talk to you about your printer was one of my favorite parts!
Core3D (author)  UnderwoodMakes5 months ago
Thx, It'll be tough to top this one next year at MRRF, but I'll try nonetheless.
pgs0709475 months ago
Wow -master of the third dimension.
Even the Instructable is a work of art.
Thanks for sharing all that hard work
Core3D (author)  pgs0709475 months ago
Thank you. I appreciate that. This feedback makes all the hard work even more worthwhile.
Lenwe Muriel5 months ago
I'm new to this do forgive me if I'm asking a question with an obvious answer. Did I miss it or did the author include a software section in his make? High tech iron is nice but without the software it doesn't perform well.
Core3D (author)  Lenwe Muriel5 months ago
The software is described in step 19. It comes free with the hardware (duet WiFi). Their setup documentation is excellent, the links are all there.
HaydnH5 months ago
Very cool!
I'm the chap who made the arms with zero-backlash joints for your printer, and it makes me very happy to see what you've done with them!

One thing which surprised me is that you used 20-tooth pulleys with 6mm belts. You might consider using 16-tooth pulleys (to improve the resolution by 20%) and 9mm belts (which are 50% stiffer). Over such long distances, having stiffer belts is a plus.
Core3D (author)  HaydnH5 months ago
thx, I was told this wouldn't work from the get-go with 6mm belts, (I was told something similar with my canteliver, so I defied that too) but the proof is in the puddin' as they say. I was able to print up to full height on a very narrow subject, without issues. (see attached image with 1100mm vertical windmill wings).

I did however expand the design so it can work with 9mm belt. Unfortunately, the 16 teeth pulley would be a problem if you want to upgrade this printer with the movable bed (instructable one day to come). using 16 teeth pulleys would leave too little room between the belt for my "belt grabber" mechanism.

I've also thought about designed a printer using a metal drive chain (something like #25 C/L or #35 C/L), any thought on that (certainly would look very steampunk)?

So barring a future "upgrade" to a moveable bed, 9mm belt and 16 teeth pulley will work in this design.

2019-03-11 08.50.37.jpg2018-11-03 18.43.02.jpg
HaydnH Core3D5 months ago
I can precisely build and measure arms up to 600mm in length. Let me know what you'd like:
Using belts might be better than chains, because they have less mass and backlash.
You could probably save a lot of expense by using Delrin wheels instead of linear rails -- that's what I've been using on my design:
noodlesman2225 months ago
Wow! This is huge! There must be some kind of award this can win...
Core3D (author)  noodlesman2225 months ago
Than you, I can now print giant trophies and keep em for myself ;-)
Kittish5 months ago
Holy mother of printers! That is beautiful!
Core3D (author)  Kittish5 months ago
Thank you, that's what I aimed for. I believe Form should be up there with function.
C8theGr85 months ago
Very impressive! I can't afford to build one, but i've been wanting to learn more about how they work. No better way to do that than know how they're built. Thanks! You should enter this in an instructables contest, you'd definitely win ;)
Best of luck at the maker fairs!
Core3D (author)  C8theGr85 months ago
Thank you! no categories of contest that lines up with this printer this time. My last Printer did end up as runner up in one of the contests. (Smaller and way more affordable)
KingDare5 months ago
Very honorable that you disclosed your relationship with Amazon. Thank you for your amazing honesty
This project is really cool.The size of this project is amazing.
tercero5 months ago
Ok, that is definitely the coolest build I've seen in awhile. I'm so proud of my itty bitty 23X36 table top model. Your design is the Everest of printers.
So cool.
Core3D (author)  tercero5 months ago
Thank you!