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Picture of 3d Minion Costume - Halloween Costume

Concept: Create a full minion costume for a 7 year old, that is light weight and full. The over the shoulder straps make it easy to wear and walk for getting candy

Materials and tools used with links
2 x sheets of sytrofoam from Homedepot, I have found the latest model of jigsaws are available for much less, i look for the grip size for precision while cutting.

Cordless Jigsaw

sharpie marker

Step 1: Drawing and Proportions

Picture of Drawing and Proportions

Character Sketch

Sketched up a drawing of a minion to project onto cardboard (tracer projector). you can shrink the drawing and print it out for getting the right size to project

Projecting the image onto cardboard
Image projector I reused a large piece of cardboard from an IKEA standup desk box to trace the body outline of my child while laying on the ground

to get the correct proportions when projecting the drawing

That is just the cutest and it looks like she really likes it :D

publimilitza10 months ago

OMG! that's so fantastic! I love it!

This is Awesome! My son would go nuts for a costume like this.

JoshuaC244 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos10 months ago

thank you for the compliment, the smile on my daughters face was so amazing, let me know if you need help building one

JoshuaC244 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos10 months ago

thank you for the compliment, my daughter was beside herself with the biggest smile ever when she saw it, looking forward to this halloween.

Alex in NZ10 months ago

Totally awesome! The build technique is a bit like the ducted-fan flying machine they built in Mythbusters. This costume looks amazing. All the best for collecting lots on Halloween :-)