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Picture of 4 PLY , No Problem !!

Have you ever had one of those days when 2 ply just wasn't cutting it, or on those light days when 2 ply was too much? Well, here is the solution to that age old problem. Now you can transform your your run of the mill toilet paper into a product that suits your needs, just by cranking a handle.

All kidding aside, when I read in the Paper Contest " for the adventurous, try your hand at a paper machine "and trying to think outside the box, I remembered a scene from the TV show The Office . I looked it up, season 7 show # 10 at about the 13 minute mark. Dwight is having his flunky Nate separate the 2 Ply into 1 Ply in the background for cost savings. I remembered thinking then, that one day I was going to make one of those machines, and here we are, the Ultimate Paper Machine !

I do have a bit of a warped sense of humor, my wife chuckles and shakes her head but my kids get it, that's the main thing!

Step 1: Plans & Drive Wheels Pt. 1

Picture of Plans & Drive Wheels Pt. 1

I have included a drawing of the unit with all of the dimensions.

I used bits and pieces of off cut material, three 1/4'' x 2 1/2'' bolts, two 1/4'' x 1 1/4'' bolts, seven 1/4'' flat washers, and a small piece of tire tube. It's a fun little project to get rid of small scraps.

I started with a piece of walnut 3'' x 22'' x 3/4'' thick .Using a 2 1/4'' hole saw I cut out six wheels ( two extra just in case ) on the drill press. I took a 1/4 '' bolt and with two nuts and washers snugged three pieces together . I drilled a 1/4 hole in my drill press table for one end of the bolt to sit in and the other in the chuck of the drill press, then I sanded the disks. These and the other round parts could easily be produced on a lathe.

Dawsie5 months ago
:-D once I stopped laughing I was able to read how you made that glorious work of Usable Art :-D
lol the best part is it’s come at just the right moment as I needed toilet paper for some paper mashie work and the thought of unrolling all that paper to single ply was mind boggling and then this popped into my inbox on an email from instruactables on how to make 2ply to 4ply :-D talk about the perfect timing of the toilet gods :-) if it can make 4 ply then it can unmake 2ply :-) lololol
thanks for a great instructable you have me vote for this wonderful project :-D
NaodT15 months ago
am sorry to say this but i can't get it. i mean what is the use of the machine? any ways its looks beautiful ...sorry i sign up to day...
wannabemadsci5 months ago
Bravo! Excellent Instructable!
Very well documented. I especially love the quality of your photographs!
zacker5 months ago
Whats so funny was that as soon as i saw this Instructable, i thought of "The Office"... lol
carbonunit65 months ago
Now if you mounted it in the middle of the toilet sea' about motorized, high speed! Oh look, no

It doesn't wipe polishes! lol
neslo63 (author)  carbonunit65 months ago
That might get rather messy if you put a motor on it and almost sound dangerous, with the posibilities of paper cuts and all :-) lol
Hysterical, I love it. I wonder if it would be ok to place aromatic herbs between the plys.
neslo63 (author)  Owl Trained ED Doc5 months ago
Thanks glad you got a kick out of it. I would never have thought of that, but I guess in theory it should work. and good answer to the last comment.
nickton5 months ago
best instruclable ever?... Could be. I can't think of a more useful item. I will have to try this.
neslo63 (author)  nickton5 months ago
Thanks for saying .I hope you do and make sure you post pictures of yours.
nallen6 months ago
Definitely a "paper machine". Voted.
neslo63 (author)  nallen5 months ago
I thought so too, thanks
KeoniM6 months ago
Next time I have this problem I'm coming to your house.
neslo63 (author)  KeoniM5 months ago
Sorry my wife says I'm not allowed to bring strangers home :-)
RumpelS6 months ago
So you want to spent more paper. Did you calculate once how much toilet paper you use in one year? Do you know where this paper comes from? Did you know how many trees have to be cut for that? Did you know that toilet paper does NOT clean you ass well? The intelligent solution would be to clean the ass with a jet of water and soap instead of dry paper.
A used ford broncho is usually better on whole for the planet than a new Prius.

Have you calculated the manufacturing cost of the plastic and other materials, not to mention the to customer cost of the bidet seats ($$$), or the cost of the dedicated toilets ($$$$$$$$)? Also, as with most aftermarket solutions, the quality will likely be garbage, necessitating the repurchase of those items, increasing landfill of non biodegradable substances, which because of how they are made are not recyclable.

Everyone wants a cleaner tuchas, I’m not sure ecology is the point of bidets. Plus, you still need at least a little paper to dry your heiny.
johndid6 months ago
The sheet perforations can never line up as the outer sheets are around a larger diameter than the inner sheet.
But if you need to it is easy to live with that.
Easy wipings.
neslo63 (author)  johndid6 months ago
Does it really matter, we both know probable not ,remember its all just theoretical and for fun ,wipe on
Elaina M6 months ago
Seeing this project pop up on my feed has been the highlight of my week. It is incredible and I can't stop laughing. I applaud your dedication to making this a reality.
neslo63 (author)  Elaina M6 months ago
I't great that you got a laugh out of it, If we can't have fun what's the point. Like the saying goes "were here for a good time not along time"
Instuctable on !!
Makerneer6 months ago
I enjoyed reading this instructable, great creation!
neslo63 (author)  Makerneer6 months ago
I know it won't change the world but It's nice to hear that you enjoyed it!
thanks for your support
Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
No sh*t about it, this is a freaking amazing creation.

I love this website!! It is things like these that restore my faith in the world.
neslo63 (author)  Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
I'm glad you got a kick out of it.,and regained your faith in humanity :-)
Comment on !
Bardman6 months ago
One in the category useless boxes :-)
neslo63 (author)  Bardman6 months ago
Not useless if it made you smile !
Bardman neslo636 months ago
And nobody can leave it alone :-)
ChrisS8216 months ago
Mind blown!! Is it weird that the first use I thought of for a toilet paper machine that popped up as soon as I seen the pic was...finally a way to put ten rolls into one for those Halloween getting back at the neighbors by T.p. Their house? I mean I could pack 10 rolls instead of 100 and still get the same point across with the same length of tp!! Lol seriously this is genius and will give me one more reason to stay in the bathroom longer. You got my vote.
neslo63 (author)  ChrisS8216 months ago
I never thought, I should of included a disclaimer ( I take no responsibility if the construction or use of this machine if it is used for the purpose of evil upon their neighbors, now or in the future )
I will have to remember that there are evil genius who walk among us :-)
Thanks for your vote, keep on plotting
Steinzel6 months ago
You do awesome work! Very nice!
Oh, and I voted for you!
neslo63 (author)  Steinzel6 months ago
Thank you for your kind words and vote.
Steinzel neslo636 months ago
I'm mostly just amazed at the quality of your work and your really awesome sense of humor. You rock dude!
Jfieldcap6 months ago
Awesome! Voted, as this definitely fits the contest.
neslo63 (author)  Jfieldcap6 months ago
I could of put this in the remix contest but I thought it better suited the paper contest better. Thanks for your vote and I hope you get your electric car working.
Jfieldcap neslo636 months ago
Thanks! It's getting pretty close. I'll have to post some related 'ibles soon...
jbarziza6 months ago
If you do another one, see if you could set it up with a hamster and a hamster wheel. Make the hamster's path to the food through the wheel. Maybe have the option to create a 5 ft diameter roll of TP. Oh no! I've slipped over to the dark side. (Please tell me you're not my father!)
neslo63 (author)  jbarziza6 months ago
If I do another one , I've got to go bigger I will use that ferril cat that lives in my back yard to power the wheel . And I'm pretty sure I am not your father, I haven't gone over to the dark side yet !! theirs still time. Thanks for your comment and support.
"may the force be with you "
MakerEJB6 months ago
The toilet bowl gods salute you. My index finger is now unemployed!
neslo63 (author)  MakerEJB6 months ago
To Funny , Thanks
of all the things i have seen on here this is truly the first one that i can pronounce as genius at work, i am speechless i bow before a true man thinking of his fellow man and raise my glass a true genius i also anoint the' the rare 35th-degree mason .
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