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Picture of A Frame Cabin/Club House

In this Instructable I will show you how to make this super cool and cute A Frame cabin. It is relatively cheap and easy to make and can be done in a couple weekends

Just over a year ago our family moved to a new house. Our backyard is like a little oasis in the woods, very private and scenic. The only problem was this old rotten play structure that was basically a death trap (many an accident occurred with our two boys) So the question was put to them, do you want a new play structure or a club house. Club house won hands down.

We searched for kits and design ideas and came up with the A Frame design (mainly because it will shed snow very well). After some research we decided on Deek Diedricksens design from We made a couple adjustments and personal touches and we cant be more happy with the end results.

Please note I am not a contractor by any means and there are some mistakes here and there. I took full advantage of getting my family to help, as well as countless hours on Instructables and other sites. It was important that my sons helped as mush as possible, as this was a great opportunity to teach a new skills and to learn from mistakes.


Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

The materials and tools for this project are pretty straight forward and easy to find.


Saws (hand, jig and circular)

Tape measure

Drill and Driver

Square (straight edge and compound)

Painting supplies



Chisel or router (for mortising door hinges)


Nail gun (Optional)


Pressure treated 2x6's and deck boards

kiln dried 2x4s and 2x6's


Tuftex roofing

Wood for trim and door


Screws, Glue and nails

Ridge cap

Ground cover

Deck Block

I'm sure I am missing something but this is a good start.

looks awesome cant wait to make it at my place
SarumathiP26 days ago
Interesting Idea and a great execution, Thanks for sharing! Team Linesgraph.
DaveA1281 month ago
You know about 50+yrs. ago i tried to do Just what you have built i never got it done Congrats to all involved. Your children will Never forget. Dave
imandry6401 month ago
You wouldn't happen to still have the a frame plans, would you?
MatthiasW191 month ago
Interesting idea, this is why I opened it when I received the mail from instructables.
But I had to stop reading already during your introduction. It annoys totally that you post things before you read them again. So many mistakes, wrong words... sorry but if you take so little care, I don‘t want to continue reading. Maybe your instructions are also full of mistakes?
@MatthiasW19: Instructables is about people sharing their ideas, not about scoring points on some personal scale of literacy. Maybe this Instructable is full of mistakes or not, you wouldn't know because you didn't read it. I personally found it to be comprehensive and correct in the construction and think you jumped to conclusions. Then again, I read it all from the viewpoint of a constructor, not an English teacher.

However, there is nothing wrong with giving criticism, just back it up with a more constructive and pleasanter approach as to how to make an Instructable better, not by throwing your bottle out of the pram.

@Scooter76: Good instructable!
scooter76 (author)  wobbler1 month ago
Cheers for this.
scooter76 (author)  MatthiasW191 month ago
I’m sorry to hear that. I will go through it again and see if I can find any typos or inaccuracies. With respect to building terms and references, I am no expert and may have made mistakes, and happy to clear them up if identified. I hope you give it a second look in the near future. All the best.
Oh this is adorable! What a lovely little cabin. :)
scooter76 (author)  jessyratfink1 month ago
papaof21 month ago
Download NOT working at 14:23 EDT.
scooter76 (author)  papaof21 month ago
I think the Instructables page was down for a couple hours for maintenance.
Joe Byers1 month ago
This is a very nice build. One thing that I would do, is to have the door open to the outward instead of inward. One reason is for fire purposes as is in the convention for commercial buildings. The other is for the shedding of rain. If the door opens inwardly, that allows water to seep under the door and onto the floor. Opening outwardly greatly reduces this tendency.
scooter76 (author)  Joe Byers1 month ago
Joe, the door gave us lots to ponder and fire was a big concern. We made sure the window could pop out for a quick escape. My boys have a tendency to leave doors open (car, house, etc) and when the wind catches them can damage the door. I am thinking of adding a little overhang over the door to help with rain. You make a very valid point.
Great project and the only thing I'd add is that whether the door swings in or out, you'll definitely want some sort of metal threshhold under it. Any wood at the bottom of a door is going to catch a lot of rain, and since that same piece of decking goes inside the cabin and under your walls, you don't want it getting soaked. You might have to trim the bottom of the door a bit, but it'll be worth it.
scooter76 (author)  BennyOne1 month ago
Great idea. I still have some metal flashing left from the ridge cap, I can use that. I left about 1/2 inch at the bottom of the door, was going to add a door sweep. I still need to build a step up, but will definitely add a metal threshold. Thanks so much for the tip :)
Humidor1 month ago
I would build this just so I could hide from my wife - The kids can go play in traffic! :)
Daaaaang! lolz
scooter76 (author)  Humidor1 month ago
Now that I'm 70, I am all for that idea. It's all about me these days. lol
seamster1 month ago
Great looking little cabin. I love the A frame design, so much. Nice work!!
scooter76 (author)  seamster1 month ago
scooter76 (author)  seamster1 month ago
Cheers. Was tons of fun building and watching the kids enjoy it.
KerriN911 month ago
Great job! Your hard work and planning shows in the finished clubhouse. The kids are very fortunate. I’m sure there will be loads of memories made.
scooter76 (author)  KerriN911 month ago
nm3321 month ago
Really cool! a couple more and you could have a mini-village back there. I'm sure the kids will appreciate the space when they're teenagers too :-)
scooter76 (author)  nm3321 month ago
Let’s not envision them as teenagers just yet...
This is awesome.
scooter76 (author)  Vicki Marshall1 month ago
tovia1 month ago
This is super cool. Many adventures to be had in here for sure!
scooter76 (author)  tovia1 month ago
alcurb1 month ago
It's a Tardis! The inside is bigger than the outside! It's an interesting illusion in the photos.
scooter76 (author)  alcurb1 month ago
When designing it and cutting material it felt small, but yes, it is very large inside. The floor is 10x8 and at the peak is close to 10 feet. Plenty of room for big sleepovers and time travel....
CarlJ501 month ago
This reminded me of a childhood friend's play house and the countless hours spent playing there. That was also an A-frame but the floor was installed part way up the A, making it a little more like a tree house with empty space beneath and a short ladder up to the door. Great build, thank you for sharing.
scooter76 (author)  CarlJ501 month ago
Sounds like a cool design. I have been thinking of adding a loft for some extra enjoyment.
Viktor_S1 month ago
Cool! I envy your children.
scooter76 (author)  Viktor_S1 month ago
1sabre1 month ago
Please prooffread your work before you publish it.