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Hi there.

I needed a bike rack and came up with this.
If you want to watch the video check out the ol' youtube:

I was inspired to make a leather toolbox by one I saw made of leather and wood. I thought an all leather one would be a bit more challenging. I am excited to see how this thing ages.

Its made of 3 pieces of leather plus 4 straps, you can make it any size but here are my dimensions

The main body: 16" x 23"

sides including, not including lip: h = 6" w =5.25"

each strap of two straps : 27" x 1"

Straps for clasp both 3.5" x 1"

Step 1: Tools

You wont need many a tool for this project

-Veg Tan Leather around 6 oz


-Leather punch, you could use a punch that you hammer for the whole project but a revolving hand punch makes getting all those holes on the edge easier.

-Waxed thread and needle

-Brass sheet

-rivets with 10mm stem.

CraftAndu4 months ago
Superb craftsmanship!
Cherzer4 months ago
Beautiful! I like the idea of wet forming the sides. Did it make the sides a bit more sturdy/structured than the rest of body?
LeslieGeee5 months ago
This is a beautiful bag thank you for sharing your tutorial. I was thinking as I was reading your instructions that this would be a lovely travel / overnight bag made in a larger size :) Would you mind posting the link for the leather kit you got on Amazon. There are so many and for a novice yours sounds like it would be a good start. Also dimensions and a short instructional for your wooden mold would be appreciated. Thank you :)
Johnny Wikk (author)  LeslieGeee5 months ago
I bought a kit (below) but only used the needles and thread and punch. I would buy a better punch though. I got the rivets from a leather, they were far better then the ones on amazon.

Thank you!
ignaciojo5 months ago
Beatiful, you make it seem so easy!
Johnny Wikk (author)  ignaciojo5 months ago
Thanks man, it actually pretty easy, you could def do it in a weekend. The leather is the only real costly part.
TheFischLife5 months ago
Oh this looks so sleek! Nice job!
TDPablo5 months ago
Great info! Just wondering how thick of leather you used. Thanks.

P.S. Here's a pic of a book cover I made.
TDPablo TDPablo5 months ago
Image didn't load trying again
That is a cool project. I just happen to have some heavy leather like that laying around and I need a classy tool box for my bike. Perfect. BTW, good video as well.
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is a beutiful bag!
Johnny Wikk (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago
Thanks! maybe a little too nice to get beat up with tools but character right ?