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Building A Live Edge Table with A Zipper River!

In this video I take the whole concept of a "Live Edge Table" and turn it on its head. As most of you know from following me, I built an amazing Live Edge River Table a little over a year ago. Well now that I have a showroom, this idea has been in my head for a while. I wanted to put a twist that wasn't just a different color glass or epoxy into a Live Edge River Table, and I came up with the Live Edge Table with A Zipper River

Building A Live Edge Table with A "Zipper" River

  1. Select Material
  2. Mill Down Live Edge Stock
  3. Layout Table Shape
  4. Mill and Cut "Stitches"
  5. Cut Recess's for "Stitches"
  6. Glue Stitches Into Table Top
  7. Mill Base Materials
  8. Cut & Assemble Base Components
  9. Sand & Finish

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Before building A Live Edge Table with A "Zipper" River, you're going to need a few things. Here are the tools and productsI recommend for this build Finishes/ Consumables/ PartsCheck out All of my Woodworking Tools!


Step 1: ​Select Materials For The Live Edge Table

Picture of ​Select Materials For The Live Edge Table

Selecting materials for any Live Edge Table is almost the most important part of the build. You're going to want to select some lumber that has character, is manageable, and is close enough to being flat that you're not going to kill yourself getting it to be an actual table. As you saw in the video, I actually selected some cherry for this project initially, then moved to these beautiful walnut slabs.

Makerneer5 months ago
Neat project, thanks for sharing!
yrralguthrie5 months ago
You know this article demonstrates great talent, good thinking, and writing, but...the live edge river theme sounds and looks a lot like the knotty pine theme of the '50s and '60s and the green and yellow appliances of the '70s. A bit quirky and too specific to individual taste.
JAMESM4665 months ago
This is a great variation on the live-edge river table theme. Excellent work.
ksjunto5 months ago
Beautiful design and craftsmanship!
audreyobscura5 months ago
This came out so well! Amazing job!