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Seems like the word "organization" has been on everyone's mind this year. Even though it's 2019, I still find my desk cluttered with documents. I set out to try to find some desktop organization options that fit my style but ultimately...I decided to make my own. And with the amount of scraps I had laying around the shop, it actually helped me to clear out my shop a bit too! For the build, I used scraps found in my shop, but I've written out the dimensions for the lumber you will need to make this.

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Be sure to check out the Youtube video above, which should help with better understanding each step.

Walnut Hardwood: 55"x8"x3/4" (LxWxT)

1/4" Plywood: 13"x31" sheet

1/2" Plywood: 12"x20" sheet

Epoxy w/Slow Hardener: (Optional)

Sheathing Tape: (Optional)

Pigments: (Optional)


White Marker:

Jointer Push Block:

Microjig Gripper:

Bandy Clamps:

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Step 1: Milling "Blanks"

Picture of Milling

The first step is for us to cut the lumber down to size to make the sides of the paper tray. For a lack of a better term, I will call these "blanks". Since I used scraps for my build, I've included an image of the cut list for those of you starting the build with a single piece of lumber. My milling process is as follows:

1) Crosscut the pieces down to their rough lengths.

2) Flattened one face and squared up an adjacent edge on the jointer.

3) Brought all the pieces down to their final thickness of 3/4".

4) Lastly, I ripped all the pieces down to their final width of about 1-1/8"

ME20071 month ago
Looks like it’s quite helpful
Jmoney6224 months ago
Awesome piece! Based on what I see here I will be a new subscriber! I would love to try to make this!! I'll let you know if I do!
Bevelish Creations (author)  Jmoney6223 months ago
Thank you so much!
I made this too! Thanks for the design and walkthrough
Wow that looks great! I'm glad you found my instructions useful! I like the blue epoxy too!
offseid5 months ago
Very clever, nice work!

Only one small suggestion. If you plan on using these drawers for loose papers, you should have a small "ramp" (I don't know the correct term) along the entire front of the drawer bottom, so the papers can easily be taken out. In your cover photo, I can already tell that those loose papers on the bottom drawer are not going to come out easily!
Bevelish Creations (author)  offseid5 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion! This was a "concept", so if I make more of these in the future, I'll definitely see how to add a ramp to it. Currently I use this mainly for putting magazines and letters (still in envelopes) in. At the time when I made this, I used it to organize my tax docs
Maladiun575 months ago
I love how you turned the imperfections into a design element- (wabi sabi?) Beautiful, well explained and executed.
Bevelish Creations (author)  Maladiun575 months ago
Thank you!
CamilM15 months ago
Trés bon boulot, super good
Bevelish Creations (author)  CamilM15 months ago
Thank you so much!!
RedDogBuilder5 months ago
Very nice! I don't have all the tools but think i can get by with the table saw and router table.
Bevelish Creations (author)  RedDogBuilder5 months ago
A table saw and a router table is really all you need to make this
I love it bro. I subscribed to your channel and I can tell you will have a great channel. I mean the subscribers you got in comparison to the videos you made was pretty good. Keep up the great work. I loved it so much. I kinda want to make one now but i dont have the proper tools :P
Thanks man! Yeah it’s been kinda crazy, for 90% of my followers in the last two weeks haha. Thanks for the sub!
I think posting this stuff on Instructables helps with publicity. Maybe that's why? Either that or the content from the last two weeks was the bomb!
Ham-made5 months ago
Great design aesthetic!
Mr. Ham
Bevelish Creations (author)  Ham-made5 months ago
Thank you!
davidjt525 months ago
Excellent project and wonderful documentation! Only thing I'd add is to bevel the inside front top edge of each drawer to make it easier to get papers out of the drawers. Actually my wife's suggestion since she does most of our paperwork in the house and for whom I'm building it. Also expanded it to 5 tiers - lots of paperwork!
Bevelish Creations (author)  davidjt525 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely something I’ll implement on the next iteration
miranda_sarmi5 months ago
Se ve hermoso el detalle con el epoxy! felicidades.
Bevelish Creations (author)  miranda_sarmi5 months ago
Thank you!
I really like the green epoxy!
Nice seeing you on Instructables!
Hey! Yeah I wanted to give this a try haha
This is great! I just love he epoxy details :)
Thank you!