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Have you ever wanted to share your Internet connection from your main home to a second building but found out that the connection in the second location was just too spotty to use? Well, here's a solution that I used to improve that flaky signal that is cost effective, efficient, and best of all; really really easy to do! Hopefully this will solve your irregular connection like it did mine!

I do want to put fourth the disclaimer that you have to at least be able to pick up a signal SOMEWHERE in your secondary building; if you can't do that, then this is not going to help you at all. Also, this is not technically a wireless bridge, nor is it a wireless access point. We will actually be piggybacking off of our primary wireless network to create a secondary WIFI network in a network secondary location, and we're going to be using a Raspberry Pi to do it!

But enough of the boring stuff, let's get into how this works!

Step 1: The Dilemma

Picture of The Dilemma

The reason that I needed to come up with this solution was as follows; In an addition to my main home, I have a small cabin to which I want to provide an internet connection for any guests who may stay there. I wanted to do this without paying for an extra internet service, and it's not really practical for me to run an ethernet cable from my main house to the cabin.

eric509317 days ago
I did the same with Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry, I needed a wired connection from WIFI, and the wired connections work great.
johnxvt7 months ago
A homemade "cantenna" might help this project on the pi receiver side (using a separate usb wifi adapter).
Low Dough Tech (author)  johnxvt7 months ago
That's a great idea!
I like how you were able to illustrate this and explain it so well :)
Low Dough Tech (author)  Penolopy Bulnick7 months ago
Thanks! I always question if my instructions are clear enough!