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Picture of A Simple Workbench

This is my first workbench! I originally documented the build with this video, but decided to make an Instructable as well.

It cost me ~$80 for all the raw materials, including cutting, at Home Depot. The casters themselves were ~$40, so a cheaper source (NOT Home Depot) could bring the cost down significantly.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Here is my materials and tools list:

Raw Materials:

- (4x) 4x4, 33"

- (4x) 2x4, 24"

- (2x) 24"x48" MDF

- (2x) 1/2" diameter dowel

- (4x) Locking casters, 3" wheel diameter

Tools Used:

- Drill

- Impact driver

- 1/2" Forstner bit (stopped cutting halfway through, so I used a drill bit instead)

- 1/2" drill bit

- 5/32" drill bit (clearance holes)

- 2.5" general purpose screws

- Wood glue

- Speed square (or anything that's square)

You can do a lot with very little - a drill and drill bits are the bare necessities.

attawudh2 years ago

easy and many to used.

briandamge (author)  attawudh2 years ago


Swansong2 years ago

It came out well! :)

briandamge (author)  Swansong2 years ago
Thanks! I'm a fan.