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Picture of Abandoned VW Beetle Mini Diorama

It's been a few weeks since I completed a 1:32 scale Yellow VW Beetle. The problem was that the replica came out too perfect and shiny, so I decided to take it to the next level and gave it an authentic look, inspired by this excellent video on YouTube.

Step 1: Planning, Materials and Tools

Picture of Planning, Materials and Tools

The scene I was after was an old abandoned VW Beetle in the middle of a greenish forest.


  • 1:32 Scale Yellow VW Beetle Replica
  • Circle Shaped Polystyrene Foam
  • Amsterdam's Lamp Black Acrylic Paint
  • Amsterdam's Zinc White Acrylic Paint
  • Jo Sonja's Fawn Acrylic Paint
  • Jo Sonja's Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint
  • Rayher's Raysin 100 Basic White Casting Powder
  • Mod Podge Matte Glue
  • Palmolive Liquid Washing Detergent
  • Sand and Small Stones from My Garden
  • Silver Dried Sand by 4D Model Making Materials
  • Noch's Grass Glue
  • Noch's Light Green Wild Grass
  • Noch's Herbs Sauvages Wild Grass
  • Green Blended Turf by Woodland Scenics
  • Scenic Rust Kit by Deluxe Materials
  • Vallejo's Natural Sienna Pigment
  • Vallejo's Rust Pigment
  • Vallejo's Dark Yellow Ochre Pigment
  • Green Plants by Robotime DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit
  • Revell's VW Beetle Decal Pack
  • 0.5mm Wooden Coffee Stirrer by Superkit
  • 2mm 3M 300LSE Ultra Thin Double-Sided Tape


  • A4 Cutting Mat
  • Paper Towels
  • Sand Paper
  • Tamiya's 18mm Masking Tape Refill
  • Wooden Spatula
  • Various Types of Paint Brushes
  • Boulders Rock Mold by Woodland Scenics
  • Noch's Gras Master 2.0
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Stainless Steel Ruler
  • Ergonomic Hobby Knife
Dumbphone1 month ago
What a beautifully done diorama. Well done!
snorlaxprime6 months ago
This looks surreal, I actually have one beetle that looks like yours. I am tempted to converted it.
Maya Oren (author)  snorlaxprime6 months ago
What are you waiting for? :-)
TelfTheElf6 months ago
That is cool.
Maya Oren (author)  TelfTheElf6 months ago
Thank you! :-)
retiredphnman6 months ago
As an old model railroader; Great Job!
Maya Oren (author)  retiredphnman6 months ago
Thank you so much!
cavik6 months ago
Nice job on this! I am taking a photog class and this ible will work well for my current assignment. Thanks.
Maya Oren (author)  cavik6 months ago
Wow, that's great! Thanks!
Yamelk226 months ago
as a TIP for a more realistic model you should consider "deflating" the
Iif they are hard plastic the some melting would do.
If they are rubber then cutting it wide at the base and glueing it in position should do the trick!
Maya Oren (author)  Yamelk226 months ago
Thanks for the great tip! :-)
SparkyM16 months ago
Brilliant! Looks very convincing. With prices of vintage beetles on the rise, though, you'll soon have to add scale size salvage/ pickers to the scene!
Maya Oren (author)  SparkyM16 months ago
LOL! :-)))
allennic6 months ago
Great job on this beautiful bug. Is the VW model a metal die-cast or plastic kit?
Maya Oren (author)  allennic6 months ago
Thank you so much!
And as for your question, it is a plastic kit. :-)
dlukasek6 months ago
Very cool! But I can't really believe you. There's no way you're more than thirty. Other than that, damn nice work!
Maya Oren (author)  dlukasek6 months ago
paxallen10676 months ago
Sensational! I have a closet full of model kits I intend to turn into similar work, so this is very helpful ..
Maya Oren (author)  paxallen10676 months ago
Thank you. I'll be glad to assist you with any question. :-)
GregS2616 months ago
You didn't say anything about the door! That was a great addition to make it look abandoned! You could also break a hole in one break light, and you could break the front wheel where it hit the rock! It really looks like someone hit the rock got out and left it sitting.
good job!
Maya Oren (author)  GregS2616 months ago
Wow, you have great ideas! Thank you for that. :-)
VKBakes6 months ago
It's like a real thing! Good job Maya
Maya Oren (author)  VKBakes6 months ago
Thank you so much!
great job but most cars dont have fabrics like the grid but what you need is make serroundings like background great job on the old rust bucket lol
Maya Oren (author)  ronald.ferreira.396 months ago
Thanks. :-)
Kink Jarfold6 months ago
What a great diorama... and such detail. That broken back window was a perfect addition. Wonderfully done. --Kink--
HIGH 10.jpg
Maya Oren (author)  Kink Jarfold6 months ago
What a great comment. Thank you for that. :-)
YaronShemesh6 months ago
Maya Oren (author)  YaronShemesh6 months ago
You're my inspiration.
Thank you so much.
This looks fantastic and I love the addition of the little license plate :)
Maya Oren (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 months ago
Thank you so much! :-)