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Picture of Adjustable Ruler Measuring Stop

I saw this small but useful tool once online, and I decided to make an Instructable out of it. If I find the website again, I will add the link to this Instructable.

Ever found it uneasy to check the distance of several marks from one border of, for example, a furniture? The Adjustable ruler measuring stop is my solution to that: this is a tool I use to quickly measure one or several geometries (such as holes) on a surface, from an even 90° edge.

It is basically a pocket-piece of wood into which you can insert a ruler, move it through and secure it with a knurled screw in order to make the desired measure.

It is close to a marking gauge, though it doesn't mark but only measure.

> All the units are in the metric system. To convert them to any other units, I use this excellent online tool.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

Tools: See the photo for a global view of almost everything needed.

(This list gives you only examples of what you could buy)


I choose beech because I find it fine to work on: not too soft like pine.

When finished, the side surface of this tool, where the ruler go through, must be even.
Additionally, one of the main surfaces of the wooden strip has to be even as well, because you will glue two parts together later. And at last, both these even surfaces must have a 90° angle (see 3D image). Be sure to choose a proper piece of wood you know has good surfaces, or use a jointer to get these surfaces even.

JerryL1206 made it!5 months ago
I made a stop similar to this. I used a plastic set screw to avoid damaging the ruler.
SimonAndYou (author)  JerryL12064 months ago
Your design is better than mine, it looks like a sunflower.
randofo5 months ago
Nicely done! :)
SimonAndYou (author)  randofo4 months ago
agis685 months ago
nice idea.! thank you. Maybe a white led as a light to see better and a laser are two additions

SimonAndYou (author)  agis684 months ago
It's a good idea.
Thank you for your comment!
DeanR315 months ago
I have to ask. Why two rulers?
SimonAndYou (author)  DeanR314 months ago
@DeanR31 there is one small step where I measure the ruler's width with another ruler, in order to know the groove's width (last bullet of step 2).
@MisterHighway you're right, I didn't mention this part, as the ruler can be inserted and withdrawn whenever you want. I will add a small sentence to be more precise.
Thank you both!
I would imagine because they're one sided and you would use another glued to the back of the first. The author skipped the step regarding the ruler assembly but it is an interesting project and may be a rainy day build in my shop. Good work.