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Farmers spend endless hours of driving to their field to check on their crops and manually operate the irrigation systems. This is time and labour intense with significant costs to the farmers and sub-optimal use of expensive resources. By using IoT to deliver unobtrusive easy to use and highly reliable systems for precision monitoring and control of irrigation. So, we are going to make an IoT hardware named “Agri-Stick” which is going to measure the four Agri parameters including Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, Atmospheric Temperature and Atmospheric Humidity. These values are going to be updated in the AWS cloud through LoRa technology with Raspberry Pi as single channel LoRa gateway. These values can be monitored in real time from both web browser and mobile phone. It enables growers to make decision based on in-field data. Thus, it saves the time and money for farmers and improve yield and crop quality. By extending the sensors in the Agri-Stick and analysing the data with proper methods, we can use it for measuring soil nutrition, pest detection, and crop planning, spraying pesticides, irrigation and harvesting crops. It prevents over and under watering, reduces crop diseases, confirms water delivery as planned, automate tasks that had been done manually, water savings, labour savings and re-allocation to higher value activities.



We are going to make the hardware like a stick, which is going to be inserted in to the field. Therefore, the temperature sensor measuring the soil temperature should be waterproof and robust enough to corrosion. Temperature sensor (DS1B20) would match all these conditions. It exists in two forms. One is in IC and the other is in probe like structure. We are going to use the DS18B320 probe.


DS18B20 Sensor <---> Arduino Nano

VCC - 5V



jht0013 months ago
Great project and writeup!
What kind of battery life are you getting?
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  jht0013 months ago
I have tested it for max 2 days, it was worked without any problems. Since it is a 2200 mah battery, it could last longer more than that. Need to remove the un necessary LEDs, power consuming circuits.
Awesome instructable. Congratulations !

As agricultural data sciences often involves a Month, Week vision. Do you think a solar panel could do the trick ?
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  Eric Caruyer2 months ago
Thank You. Yeah, we can use solar panel.
vallabh rao3 months ago
Consider using AWS IoT core and Lambda instead of AWS EC2 it can be a lot more cost effective and you'll also get a lot of features.
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  vallabh rao3 months ago
Sure and thanks for the suggestions
JohnC4303 months ago
this should be in the SENSORS competition.
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  JohnC4303 months ago
I will apply. And Thanks for the suggestion
CaryH73 months ago
Superb! Have been following instructables for years and this is by far the best post I’ve seen. Crystal clear, great instructions and terrific application.
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  CaryH73 months ago
JohnC4303 months ago
Very useful, very good. very well documented. Thanks for sharing.
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  JohnC4303 months ago
RBRBRB4 months ago
Excellent write up! I was in the middle of doing a similar system, but shorter range and using MySensors as the comm framework. However, pushing data to AWS is possible no matter what hardware you opt for. My question is - do you have an idea of the AWS costs you might incur for this setup, with say, 5 sensors? I know they have a free (time limited) option but mine has run out.. Also, do you have links/guidance on how to process this data and apply it to your agricultural effort?
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  RBRBRB4 months ago
I am using completely in free tier.
As of I just monitored the values using AWS. No processing is done.
How long is it free on EC2. One year ? what are the ongoing costs ?
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  XTL3 months ago
Yah for one year its free.
raghulraj4 months ago
Crystal clear, Super bro. Keep posting ur projects. That will really help us
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  raghulraj4 months ago
Thank you raghul raj
AnandM544 months ago
Lots of !!! Nicely did it !!
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  AnandM544 months ago
Thanks bro
mathiyalaganp4 months ago
Super bro ... semma ..entha ooru neenga
Kavinkumar Nkl (author)  mathiyalaganp4 months ago