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Picture of All Wooden Climbing Wall (with Interchangeable Wall Parts)

So it is very common to build climbing walls with wood, even in the big climbing halls normally the wall itself is made from plywood. much rarer is that everything is made from wood including the holds.

The room in which we build the climbing wall is the common-room for a housing community of around a hundred and fifty people. we needed something that was functional, diverse, but also nice to look at, since the room is normally used for yoga. and those doing yoga they were very reluctant to the idea of a climbing wall with the typical look, a white wall, that gets dirty with time and has lots of coloured climbing holds on it.

Another reason why we used wooden holds was that this way it is possible to climb barefoot. this way the many kids, but also those adults until now not into climbing can use the wall without the need of extra climbing shoes.

After using the wall for almost half a year, we are really happy with our choice, so we would like to share the details here.

Step 1: Deciding the Basic Design

Picture of Deciding the Basic Design

So the first step is to decide where to put your wall. a couple of things to consider:

a good wall doesn't necessarily have to be big, check out the moon board for example...

its important to have enough space in front of the wall for falling

build a model!!!! I cannot stress this enough, it was a huge help for us. We made a model out of cardboard and made it to scale (1:10). It helped us decide on the construction, calculating material, visualization and so on. of course you could do this digitally, and that might be a good idea also, but I still think a cardboard model gives you a better understanding of structural weaknesses of your design.

If you can, use corners, or as we had the possibility to do: put it into a kind of niche....this means that it is way easier to have a self reliant construction and overhang, meaning the wall can stand by itself and doesn't rely on the strength of the wall behind it.

Some good examples can be found here, like this one:

biohazarus2 months ago
This is awesome!!!
For the floor mats, you could build a fold out base that you would simply fold back when not in use if someone don't have "extra" space for storage.
Might also be used as a "gate" to prevent younger one to use under no supervision!
linus strothmann (author)  biohazarus2 months ago
I actually sugessted something like that but in the end the mats we have fit so nicely and can be stored away so easily, plus they make great sofas for concerts and other events we have in the we took the expensive path. I also came to the cpnclusion that making custum mats isnt that cheap after all, especially when you want good foam and covering.
JackmanWorks2 months ago
This is the coolest thing ever! Such a clever process
linus strothmann (author)  JackmanWorks2 months ago
thank you so much!!!
This is great! I love the cardboard mockup :D was actually really really helpful!!
bartworker3 months ago
Inspiring project man, lots of positive energy out there. I'm sure those kids love it!
linus strothmann (author)  bartworker3 months ago
thanks....yeah, those kids love it...including me!!!