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Constantly looking out the window so that you can intercept visitors before they ring the doorbell? Tired of the dogs and baby going crazy anytime it rings? Don't want to spend a fortune on a "smart" solution?

Making a silent doorbell is as easy as hacking a $5 Amazon Dash Button! The only other thing you need is a computer that's always at home - like, say, that Raspberry Pi you've got sitting around. Get text notifications anytime someone pushes your new doorbell and keep the whole house happy. (It's even cooler to get notifications if you have a smartwatch!)

For this project you'll need:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Dash Button

Picture of Setting Up Your Dash Button
dash button setup.jpg

Getting your Dash button ready for hacking is pretty straightforward - you just need to go through the entire Amazon setup process minus selecting a product.

This setup requires the Amazon app, which is available for iOS and Android. Once logged in to Amazon inside of the app, go to Your Account -> Dash Buttons & Devices -> Set up a new device. Select "Dash Button" and follow the instructions until you are prompted to select a product.

Close the app. Don't cancel setup; don't hit the x - just close the app. If you accidentally selected a product or are repurposing an old Dash button, just remove the device through the Amazon app and follow these steps again.

If you're looking to change how your button looks, peeling off the label sticker is easy.

c2kpierce made it!7 months ago
It was so easy. Cool project. Thank you!
dash button Doorbell.jpg
elizabethna (author)  c2kpierce7 months ago
I'm glad you liked it! This looks awesome!