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Picture of Amethyst Crystal Earrings

These amethyst crystal earrings are super cute and trendy right now, and easy to make! I had a lot of fun making these and am excited to share them with you. This is a fast little project that will instantly dress up any look. You can also turn it into a pendant by not adding earring hooks.

You will need:

-Amethyst crystal beads (I got some at Michaels) (They must have a hole in the top)

-Earring hooks

-26 gauge wire (you could use a different gauge, but I like how this size looks)

-Wire cutters or scissors



Step 1: Prep the Wire

Picture of Prep the Wire

Start by cutting two pieces of wire, a few inches long. This doesn't have to be precise, because you can always trim off extra at the end. Take one piece and form a loop in the middle of the wire, and twist the wire a few times below the loop to finish it off. Repeat with the other piece.

jessyratfink5 months ago
They're so dainty! I always figured the wire wrapping would be more complicated but that looks dead easy :)