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Picture of Ancient Bladesaw - 3d Printed - Legend of Zelda: BotW

For my second Instructable I'm tackling the Ancient Bladesaw from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I made it in just under a month for DaishoCon 2018. This build features 3d printing, Neopixel LEDs, and a crazy amount of parts.

Note: I am not a professional. I am mostly self-taught and have learned these techniques over years of trial and error or from tips from others. Hopefully I can help you learn from my mistakes. Have fun, take your time, read chemical warning labels, and use proper personal protective equipment.

Shout out to Thats Nice Deer Cosplay for making the Gerudo Link costume and Danielle C Photography for the shoot of the completed cosplay. Go check them out and give them some love.

Step 1: Gather References

Picture of Gather References
Ancient Bladesaw.jpg

This step may seem obvious, but for modeling purposes it is extremely important. My first step is usually a mix of google images and Pinterest to get a good variety of image sources, but pictures of the Ancient Bladesaw were scarce so I took a different approach.

I hate to admit this, but I spend too much time making things from video games to actually get around to finishing video games, so I don't actually have the Ancient Bladesaw on my Breath of the Wild save file. To remedy this, my wonderful friend Dan came over with his switch and his super duper completed BotW save file to let me do some screen captures.

I used the Elgato HD60 to hook the Switch up to my computer and took as many screenshots as I could of the Ancient Bladesaw on the wall and in Link's hands. The Switch itself can take screenshots, but it compresses the resolution. The Elgato setup got them in full resolution.

With a folder overflowing with references we move on to the next step!

Wow this looks great!!
Honus5 months ago
Really nice build and writeup! I laughed out loud at the "Pulling My Hair Out" to "Setting Myself On Fire" part- have totally been there!
dustin_little5 months ago
Awesome. Im at 70 hours still working
Disasterific5 months ago
Nice chest hair
srilyk5 months ago
That's utterly amazing. I love BotW, and the attention to detail here is staggering. Well done!