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Just a little repeating trick I made up a couple of days ago. All it is is a few mounts and transitions thrown together, nothing revolutionary, but done right it looks pretty good.

Trick Description:
1. Throw a houdini mount.
2. Roll the yoyo off around your non-throwhand middle finger, and under mount it.
2.5 As you do this, drop the string from your throwhand index finger and let the yoyo swing round.
(You should now be in an under mount around your middle finger)
3. As the yoyo swings up to your throw hand, cut into the single string closest to you (with your index finger) and hold the loop. The yoyo should fall out of it.
4. Swing the yoyo back over your non-throwhand index finger and mount it on the front string.
5. Drop the string from your throwhand index finger.
(You should now be in a trapeze on your non-throwhand index finger, with the string coming over and around your middle finger)
6. Swing the yoyo in the same direction over your non-throwhand and catch the string closest to you on your throwhand index finger.
(You should now be in a double or nothing)
7. Throw the yoyo off the string and over your throwhand index finger
8. Mount the yoyo back on its own string.
(There will be a loop around your finger)
9. Drop the string from your non-throwhand index finger.
(You will be in a mount resembling a 1.5 but with a twist in the string)
10. Roll the yoyo over your throw hand into a man and his brother mount
11. Roll the yoyo off the string in the opposite direction all the way around and back into a houdini
(The string may loop around your throwhand index finger as you roll over into the houdini mount. Tilt it down slightly to prevent this)
12. Repeat!

Phew. Long description for such a short combo!
Remember, these are all fluid motions and should flow into one another. Keep practicing till you have the trick looking smooth. Smoothly performed tricks look 100x better than jerky ones ;)
MayurJ173 years ago

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MagL33To (author) 11 years ago
Thanks for all the kind comments people :D
This is the coolest yo-yo video ever! +1
Doveman11 years ago
smooth moves man!
What yoyo is that? I would like to get.
MagL33To (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat11 years ago
It's an HSPIN Pyro Light.
Dude, you're really good. Thank you for telling me what yoyo it was. I hope you win.
MagL33To (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat11 years ago
Thank you, no problem and thank you again lol! I doubt I'll win tho =/
Adam Brewster11 years ago
sweet sweet man. Yet another reason to watch L33to TV haha!
MagL33To (author)  Adam Brewster11 years ago
Haha! Thanks, but it is NOTHING compared to tether! That was insane!
alvincredible11 years ago
oh wow that's tiighhht. nice tricks. i never could do anything further than sleep the yoyo -_-