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Anti-Yo Worldwide Competition entry 2 - Pasturisation and Triforce

No description for Pasturisation, just look at it and enjoy it :)

Trick Description for Triforce:
Note: Having neutral string tension helps for this trick
Note 2: You must know how to do string rejections
1. Throw a houdini mount.
2. Pinch the string on your throwhand index finger with your thumb.
3. Drop the string from your non-throwhand thumb.
(You should be in what looks like a trapeze with you holding the slack at the end of it)
4. Swing the slack you are holding under the yoyo so that it catches on the string coming from the yoyo.
(You should be in a triangular looking mount with the "trapeze" string pinched in by the formerly slack string)
5. Move your throwhand around the front of the yoyo until the string rejects.
(Catch the rejected string with your throwhand thumb)
6. Swing the yoyo through the triangular gap the string around your thumb has made.
(You should now be in a double or nothing)
7. Adjust the Triforce so it looks good
8. Make the Da-da-da-daaaahhh noise

Enjoy ;)
Toebex11 years ago
i cant swing the slack under the yo yo. its really annoying
MagL33To (author)  Toebex11 years ago
Don't try to keep your hand still and swing. Move your throwhand right up close to the yoyo and then with the momentum of the hand movement, swing the string up under it. Make sense?
Adam Brewster11 years ago
haha... that's hilarious. I read something about how it was good to finally see an inappropriate submission and didn't get it when I first watched 'cause I had the sound off...
MagL33To (author)  Adam Brewster11 years ago
Hehe glad u liked it dude :)
GorillazMiko11 years ago
Cool video. Your videos RULE. :-)
MagL33To (author)  GorillazMiko11 years ago
Thanks :)
Ditto on the song selection. It's a nice match. I like the triforce. You could even throw in the "da-da-da-dahhh" sound effect to complete it.
MagL33To (author)  fungus amungus11 years ago
Ohhh man! I should have thought of that -.- Great idea tho!
MagL33To (author)  MagL33To11 years ago
I added an extra step to the description :P
Heheh... nice :)
IamTheCreator11 years ago
Nice trick, and nice music, lol whats that song called btw?
MagL33To (author)  IamTheCreator11 years ago
Thanks :) It's Stroke Happy by J-Zone