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Picture of Appendage Lamp

The appendage lamp rises from the floor like a giant tentacle. The electrical wire, wraps around the pole as a parasite, clamping itself tightly, suffocating the tentacle. This lamp is originally designed as a visualisation of my personal stance towards the current state of the (dutch) design field. But it would be a great piece for any occasion where you'd like to add a bit of alienation too. Lets say... Halloween or something. I would not advice this lamp for everyday use, cause this Instructable does not cover details like the body to weight ratio. If you do not have a very heavy foot. It will become top heavy very fast. So much, that the weight of a single light bulb might already be too much, and tip the whole lamp over. Be aware of this as well while bending the rod. By trying to add the end of the rod as close to the center as possible.

The lamp is made in 6 major steps;

  • The (structural) inner rod
  • The fabric
  • The concrete foot
  • The electrical wire
  • and the assembling

In this Instructable I will explain every step in more detail. Explaining what all the steps were and the motivation / desired end goal of these steps. So you can tweak it to comply with your own desired outcome.


This lamp is about 1.9 meter in height. Depending on how you will bend the rod, it might be a bit taller or smaller when you recreate it. The bend is done with a 2.4 meter long iron rod, upholstered with a 2.55 meter long piece of fabric. In total, I used:

  • 2.4m2 Fabric
  • 1.5l PUR foam
  • 2kg Cement
  • 2.4m, 4mm iron rod
  • 1 Bolt
  • 1 Ring
  • 4.5m Electrical wire
  • 1 Light socket
  • 1 Power plug

Since I bought everything new, the costs for this lamp are around 20 euros. Making multiple ones, or adjusting the dimension to a smaller version would reduce these costs drastically. And if you are only a little bit like me. You will most probably already have half of these materials laying around anyhow.

In this Instructable I make use of a hanging mechanism which is not thoroughly documented. But anything which is higher than the lamp can be used. If you have any questions about the project and its required steps, please use the comment section for help.

Lets get started!

Step 1: The (structural) Inner Rod

Picture of The (structural) Inner Rod

This step requires a special tool, called a "die". For more information on how the tap a thread using a die. Take a look at this instructable:

Preparing the iron rod

This whole process is pretty straight forward. Using a metal saw, you cut the rod to the desired length. In my case 2.4m. As a rule of thumb you could say that around 25% of the length will be lost when you bend the metal similar to my end-result. I made four of these lamps myself, and this is the average height. If you want to have more curves, you'll lose more length. Use less curves and it will stay longer. Pretty straight forward. If you decide to use a longer or shorter rod. Take in mind that the length of the electrical wire should be around +/- 2.5 the length of the rod. For this lamp I used a 2.4m iron rod and wrapped 4m of electrical wire around it. And this is not enough. I had somewhere in between .5m & 1m of extra length to put the plug on. Which is way to short. Do not underestimate how much length you'll lose when you add more length to your object.

When you have cut the rod to the desired length. You will need to tap 1 side with a matching sized die. I would recommend to tap at least 2cm. Just to be sure. But it really depends on the space you have, underneath the foot. I used 2*3mm plywood. So theoraticly, 6mm would have been enough

Now you have cut the rod to the desired length and added a thread to one side of the rod, you can bend it to the desired shape. Do not worry about any small imperfections. They will be unnoticeable when you put the fabric around it. It is also highly recommended to add a piece of tape or something to the end of the rod. So you won't accidentally poke it through the fabric when you pull it over the rod.

jessyratfink8 months ago
So creepy! I love it and imagine a couple of these would make great Slenderman arms :D
I agree! Fun and creepy lamp!
Jimmyyahoo8 months ago
Brilliant write up. My laughter will quietly become the glue that lubricates my other imagination.
testmonkeyy8 months ago
Neat with many possibilities. What spray foam did you use? The stuff in cans from the home center? How many cans?
JeffreyArts (author)  testmonkeyy8 months ago
I used the cheapest spray foam from the home depot I could find. Normally they mention the expansion ratio, but these don't. I used 2.5 cans of 500ml. So between 1 liter and 1.5. If you can find the expansion ratio of your foam. Theoratically you could measure how much you will need. But I have not done that. If you measure to cylindrical content of the sleeve. I use the average of the smaller cylinder and bigger one, which is around 104 liter. This would mean that if I would have used a foam which would expands 1:11. I would only have needed 1 liter.

I am not sure if this holds up though, more experimentation should be needed in order to give you a thorough answer to this one :-).