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We'll be making a diorama presenting the water cycle, using Arduino and some motors to add movement and lighting. It has a school feel - because it is actually a school project!

The presentation scenario is this:

The sun rises in the morning [One servo motor moves the sun].

Water evaporates from the sea [One stepper motor raises the "evaporation sheet"]

Clouds form in the sky [One stepper motor lowers the cotton clouds]

Rain falls [One stepper motor lowers the "rain sheet"]

Meanwhile, lights (APA106 LEDs) change color to signify the sunrise, the cloudy sky, the lightnings during the rain.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. 5V Stepper Motors and drivers (x3)
  3. Servo Motor(x1)
  4. APA106 LEDs (x5)
  5. Metal Tube
  6. Screws and bolts
  7. Papers, tulle, cotton
  8. Hot glue gun

So, off we go!

Step 1: Build the Box

Picture of Build the Box

We have built a wooden box, but you can also use a carton. The box dimensions are 40cm front, 25cm depth, 30cm height.

We've put a handy lid with hinges, so that by lifting it up it is easier to work. Also, we don't really need the back wall, so you can skip that and just use some blue paper for the sky, as shown in the photo.

Nice work for kids demo.....superb...
audreyobscura5 months ago
What a cool learning tool!