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Picture of Armchair 400 by Aalto?

A perfect replica of the icon chair by Aalto: Armchair 400. But is it perfect?

Look closely because actually this is a scale model of about 20cm x 13cm x 16cm. To teach myself to deal with new materials and processes I made this scale model of the chair. In the next steps I will take you through my process.

Step 1: Research Dimensions

The first step is to figure out the different dimensions the chair will have. I found pictures of the original chair online and the rough dimension. Going from there I drew the front and side face of the chair and proportionally rescaled all the dimensions I would need. This way I had all the rough dimensions of everything and drawings of the views I can use during the process.

(Note all dimensions are in mm)

This is awesome! I'm really impressed. I hope someday I could build a model as good as this. Well done!
seamster6 months ago
This is highly impressive! I love the results, and the effort you put into the process to recreate the chair in small form. Nicely done!
Olivier Iserbyt (author)  seamster6 months ago
Thank you!