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Picture of Armorshell Leather Pouch

folks!. My name is Roman and now i am gonna show you how to make «ArmorShell» Leather Pouch. You can buy this pattern here

Armorshell leather pouch

To make it I need
these goods and tools:

1. A piece of 4-5 oz veg tan leather .

2. Wing divider.

3. An Awl.

4. Utility knife.

5. 2mil and 5mil round punches.

6. Some woodworking clamps.

7. A pencil or a pen.

8. #1 edge beveler.

9. A mallet or maul.

10. A holster button.

11. Some leather dye (your preferred color).

12. Multi-size wood slicker.

13. A thread and two needles.

14. Thread cutter.

15. 5mil chisel punches

16. 2 buckles

17. 2 belt screws

18. a piece of 1.5mm cardboard

19. a piece of wax of paraffin

20. a piece of fabric

Step 1: Step1. Print and Cut Shell Pieces.

Picture of Step1. Print and Cut Shell Pieces.
Disasterific7 months ago
What is it?
PeterS6327 months ago
I am trying to understand the purpose of this gadget. Would you please explain what it is used for?
Hi, the link for the pattern doesn't work.
fixed, thanks
This looks awesome! Could you add some more descriptive text to the body of each step? I don't have a lot of leather working experience and I could use all the help that I can get.