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Picture of Astrid cosplay- How to train your dragon 2

Hi guys!

So this is just a quick documentation of my Astrid cosplay I did for York Comic con this Summer, most of my cosplays are junk builds or throw togethers so it's not 100% accurate but easy enough to do.

Send me a message if you have any questions, it was a lot of fun to do! And the axe was pretty light thankfully haha.

Items used:

Broom pole - poundland

cardboard - free

googley eyes - poundland

Silver spray paint - poundland

acrylic paints - already had

Faux fur and suede and ribbon - haberdashery

reconstituted leather - amazon i think

red t shirt - amazon

blonde wig - friends but any decent longish one from amazon

Air dry clay - amazon

fabric wrapped wire - local craft shop


PVA glue

glue gun


epoxy resin

safety pins

duct tape

Step 1:

So this was building the axe, I wanted to make sure it was going to be pretty light and I went a little overboard on the scale!

I'd originally covered the paper mache in foam but it made it really bulkey and I was running out of time so I just used A4 paper to cover the mache in the end. If I had more time I would have used some lining paper so it was seamless.

I used a broom pole from poundland,

Duct taped one side then the other of two cardboard panels cut to size.

paper mache'd both sides a good few times for rigidity.

Covered in white paper and duct taped the edges up which doubled as the blade detailing, then spray painted silver.

I then covered it with the cardboard detailing and googly eyes for rivets.

On the pole I'd used various pieces of leather and suede, fur and wraps for the decoration.

I then re sprayed and used paint to detail the axe, make it look more metal and finished with the ribbon wraps and clay top (spray painted) and skull for the bottom (spray painted and weathered) both of these were made from air dry clay.

Sythe1011 year ago

I was Hiccup, making an instructable now CX

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Awesome! I'll have a look :)

Posted it!!!

Rizzymcrizzle (author)  Sythe1011 year ago

awesome :)