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The Atari Punk Console is a great little circuit that uses either 2 x 555 timers or 1 x 556 timer. 2 potentiometers are used to control the frequency and the width of the pitch and if you listen very carefully, it kinda sounds like an Atari console playing some old school games. It’s also simple to make and a great beginners circuit.

Whilst playing around with the circuit recently I realised that I could use momentary on/off buttons and resistors to change it into an organ. Adding a few more potentiometers allowed me to control the frequency of each row of switches. Now that I had created an organ, I needed a case to put it into. I had a vintage calculator lying around which I couldn’t get working and decided to use this to house the organ.

I also made sure that you could still use the circuit as an Atari Punk Console by adding a switch, which turns off the organ section.

I reckon you could also add this to a small keyboard and add a pot to each key so you could tune it. That’s a project for another ‘ible…

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools


1. 1K Resistor - eBay

2. 2 X .01 uf Capacitor - eBay

3. 5 X 100K Potentiometers – eBay

4. 5k Potentiometer - eBay

5. 556 IC – eBay

6. Speaker – I used this one from eBay The speaker should be an 8Ohm 2 to 3W one

7. Prototype Board – eBay

8. 12 X Tactile switches – eBay

9. 12K Resistors – eBay

10. 2 X on/off switches – eBay

11. 9 v battery

12. 9 v battery holder – eBay

13. Case to put everything in. I used a vintage calculator which you can find similar ones on eBay


1. Soldering Iron

2. Dremel (always comes in handy)

3. Wire snips

4. Usual tools like pliers, screwdrivers etc

5. Superglue

6. Epoxy

Retrocomp1 year ago

Hello, your project is nice.
But the Organ part schematics is hard to understand. (where is the battery?)
Can you redraw this part using CAD software?