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Step 2: Constructing the Chasis the Axle and the Control Center

The Chassis:

  1. Cut the plywood sheet into 3 pieces, each 9cm wide and 14.5cm long,
    these will become the three platforms of the robot's chassis.
  2. Drill 6mm holes at the corners of each platform, 10mm in from the edges (see diagrams).
  3. Label the three platforms: Top, Middle, and Bottom.
  4. Drill out holes for the Arduino Uno, and the L298N Driver board on the Top platform.
  5. Measure out the center point of the Middle platform, and mark out an area for the mini-breadboard to get taped down to, as well as a place for the wire connector (see diagrams).
  6. Drill holes for the motor to be mounted on the Bottom platform, as well as the holes for the wires to come up from the motors (see diagrams).
  7. Cut down the M6 threaded rod into four 25cm pieces.
  8. Slide each piece into the corresponding holes of the platforms, securing both sides of each hole with an M6 washer and an M6 nut.
  9. Your platforms should be around 9 cm apart, with the remaining length sticking out of the Top platform.
  10. Measure the angle of inclination of each platform and adjust each nut in order to have them all level to the ground.
  11. Cut longitudinally one of the kitchen sponges in half and attach each of the halves with rubbers to the top platform as bumpers. This step is only for testing.

The Axle:

  1. Drill a 6mm hole through the center of your wheels.
  2. Slide the 30mm M6 threaded rod through the hole. Secure the outside end with an M6 washer and an M6 nut, and secure the inside end with another M6 nut.
  3. Attach the coupler to the inside end of the M6 threaded rod and secure it in place by tightening the set screw.
  4. Attach the open end of the coupler to the motor shaft, and secure it in place by tightening the set screw. Make sure both wheels are the same distance from the motor itself.
  5. Cut out two 40 cm lengths of the Power Wire from your roll and solder them to your motor's terminals.
  6. Take your 5mm wood screws, and attach the motors to the Bottom platform, following the guide holes you made during the chassis construction phase.
  7. Thread the motors Power Wires through the center hole of the Bottom platform.

The Control Center:

  1. Download the dxf file at the top of this section (bug lounge cut file.dxf).
  2. Laser cut the file out of 2mm plexiglass.
  3. Assemble the parts according to the diagram at the top of this section.
  4. Put kitchen sponge on the bottom platform (you can glue or double tape it if you want).
  5. Put control center on the sponge.
  6. Squeeze the sponge and put two small pieces of wood (around 15x15 mm) as a distance between control center and middle platform. It is easy removable way to put in and out our control box. Our implementation on the picture above.