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Picture of Author Spotlight: Nikus

Many long-time Instructables users may remember that we used to do Featured Author Interviews. They were a lot of fun and allowed us to get to know some of site's most active authors.

Well . . . we're starting a fresh round of interviews, and revamping the format a little!

Keep an eye out for more Author Spotlight interviews like this one. Enjoy!

For this first Author Spotlight interview, I had a chance to talk with young maker extraordinaire Nikodem Bartnik, known as Nikus here on Instructables.

We jumped on Skype and had a great conversation; it was a lot of fun to connect with a fellow maker of things, and just chat for a bit about the topics that interest us.

Following our visit, I sent Nikodem a handful of written questions and his answers are shared below.

If you're not familiar with Nikodem's many projects, you will be thoroughly impressed.

He's a sharp, talented, and creative young man with a bright future ahead of him!

Step 1: Old Phones, Toys and Irons

Picture of Old Phones, Toys and Irons

Image from DIY 3D Printed Dremel CNC

When did you first start making things? What kinds of things were you interested in making and doing when you were a child?

From what I heard I started making when I was 4 years old but I don't really remember that. At that time I was playing with Lego bricks all day every day, never liked following the manual so usually, I was just building every idea of mine.
I started disassembling old phones, toys and irons. When I was about 7 years old my parents bought me snap circuits kit and that’s when I got interested in electronics a lot. I remember that the other day there was no electricity for a few hours so I build myself a small circuit out of this kit with a light bulb and few batteries, it wasn’t brighter than a candle but I felt so powerful because no one else had electricity at that moment and I kind of had :)
My dad taught me how to solder and how to use basic tools, he also started building a simple light following robot with me. At the age of 13, I started learning HTML and CSS then I moved onto programming in C++, JAVA and C#.
Then I found a YouTube video about Arduino, and a few days later I bought my very first Arduino Leonardo (which is already broken, but I still keep it). That changed everything, I started making projects on a regular basis and developing my skill set every day. I connected my previous experience together and set up a small webpage about Arduino and a few months later I started posting projects on Instructables. Thanks to the fact that I was a little bit into everything in my life and I tried a lot I can connect different fields in my projects.
Congratulations Nikus :)
Your projects are always professional, I really love it.
I used to love reading these interviews with different makers. Happy to see it back and great first choice.
JavierL904 months ago
What a talented guy! I'm happy to see other young makers who think so similarly. I hope someday to achieve this level of expertise and confidence :)
You motivated me for designing+making my own CNC machine! Thank you so much, keep up the excellent work!
Disasterific4 months ago
Nice job!!! If you don’t mind, how old are you?
Thanks! I am 19
Very interesting. Congrats!
Thank you :)
gravityisweak4 months ago
Nice to see the return of the Author Spotlight! Congrats Nikus!
tmonroe544 months ago
love it i need some of your gadgets man god bless you keep up the good work
Nikus tmonroe544 months ago
makendo4 months ago
Good to see these back, and a quality pick for a first profile. Congrats and great work Nikodem!
Nikus makendo4 months ago
Thanks :)
Dirte4UA4 months ago
Love what you are doing! Keep it up.
Nikus Dirte4UA4 months ago
Thank you!