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Step 2: I Found This Website Called Instructables

Picture of I Found This Website Called Instructables

Image from Arduino: Sensitive Robot, Nikus's first instructable.

When did you first discover Instructables and what inspired you to post your first project?

It was in 2014 I remember that I was looking on how to build a POV clock, that’s a device that can display text and images by blinking rotating LEDs, that was my first project and I had no idea at that time how to program such thing so I started looking for a solution online. I found this website called Instructables, I started reading the project description, I noticed that there are a lot of interesting projects, I instantly bookmarked this page because I was afraid that I will forget its name :D
Every few days I had been getting back to the site and at some point I decided that I will post my own project on Instructables. I was quite afraid of posting a project in English, it still is a challenge for me to write a project description in a different language but the response from the community is always very positive. I think the biggest inspiration for me was the curiosity of what other people think about my projects, I wanted to share them with a world, and there is no better place for that than Instructables.