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Step 3: My Go-to CAD Software Is Fusion 360

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Image from 3D Printed Snowmobile

Tell me about your creative/making process. How do you go from having an idea, all the way through to completed project?

It’s pretty much different for every project but usually, it starts with an idea that I get during a run, shower or before I fall asleep. I also like watching the world around me and trying to find a way to improve it. Then I write this idea down on my whiteboard and I let it sit here sometimes for a few hours sometimes for a few weeks, that way I can think deeply about the project.
I recently started drawing every project on paper and there is a lot of reasons to do that, the most important one for me is that I can forget about all of the dimensions and manufacturability of the project I can just focus on how I want it to look like and work - on paper everything is possible.
Then I move onto designing it in CAD, my go-to CAD software is Fusion 360 I literally love this software, I use it always and for everything starting with the general design of a project, machining parts with CNC machine, designing for 3D printing and sharing my files. Then depends on the project I go to the workshop to make it with my hands or I let 3D printer do its job and I have a few hours to go for a run or read a book. During making it I take photos, videos and document everything so that I can later post my project on Instructables and YouTube.