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Step 4: My Workshop Is 3 Meters Underground

Picture of My Workshop Is 3 Meters Underground

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Describe your tools and workspace. What are the most important tools you use to make your projects?

I used to make all of my projects and videos at home in my small room, it’s only 7m2 but I managed to fit a lot of stuff in here. I’ve got a new workshop about 6 months ago so I moved all of the tools here. For those 6 months I have been renovating this place, and organizing everything, it’s still not completely ready and I think it never will, setting up a workshop is a never-ending story.
My workshop is 3 meters underground and that’s not just a normal basement it’s a really cool place where I can mill for hours, be as loud as possible and no one will complain about that. I spend a lot of time in my workshop and usually I stay there up to late hours. But I still do some projects at home like prototyping electronics, designing, 3D printing, soldering etc. workshop is for the dirty stuff like woodworking, CNC milling, metalworking, welding etc.
Tools aren’t super important because you can make just about anything with some basic hand tools, but I really enjoy using different tools those are extensions of my own abilities so that I can make better things, faster. Most of my projects include 3D printing so a 3D printer is a very important tool for me. Because of 3D printing, but not only I spend a lot of time in CAD software to design my projects and make sure that everything will work fine so something as simple as a ruler and caliper are the tools that I use almost every day.
I also do a lot of electronics projects, prototyping and custom PCBs so I often use soldering iron. Of course, I use a lot of hand tools like a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, files. I also recently got into welding and I am trying to learn how to weld but it’s really not a simple thing, but the possibility of joining metals together already bring me ideas for new projects.