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Step 5: I Really Like Every Aspect of Making

Picture of I Really Like Every Aspect of Making

Image from Fidget Spinning Robot

In your opinion, what is the most satisfying aspect of making?

I really like every aspect of making but something that I enjoy the most is the process of making itself. Usually, it’s not even about a complete, finished project because once the project is done I am like “It, works, great, what’s next?”. I enjoy facing the problems that at first may seem unresolvable but after some thinking and prototyping, every problem can be resolved.
Most of the people are afraid of the problems but I think that we as makers not only have to deal with problems on a regular basis, we kind of enjoy that. The other aspect of making that I really like is when I am just starting with a project, and I literally have no idea what I am doing, I am just staring at a blank piece of paper. But once I start drawing, after a few iterations everything starts to connect in my head and I know how I should make this project.