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In this project I make an office coffee maker smart, by building a coffee alert system that sends Slack notifications when someone brews a fresh pot of coffee. The code could be changed to send an email, or text message. This project is built on a Raspberry Pi Zero-W

To do this I’m going to need to continuously monitor the temperature of the coffee machine. I went with the DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor and a Raspberry Pi Zero-W.

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Code & Wiring Diagram:

Adafruit's Raspberry Pi & DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Guide:

Parts (Some Affiliate Links)

Mini Solderless Prototype Breadboard:

Male to female jumper wires:

DS18B20 Digital Temp Sensor from Adafruit:

Digital Temp Sensor on eBay (The one I used):

Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit:

Raspberry Pi Zero W from Adafruit ($10 shipping):

I had the LED laying around.

The single gang box and piping came from Lowes

Step 1: The Circuit

Picture of The Circuit

This circuit is supper simple. I built mine on a mini breadboard so I didn't have to solder (I was just learning at the time). I did however solder some jumper wires onto the wires coming off the DS18B20, so it could be plugged into the breadboard. You don't have to do it this way, and everything could be easily soldered together (See my Duel Internet of Things Thermometer video).

Take a look at the diagram.

Basically, you just run a jumper wire from pin 5 to the yellow wire on the DS18B20, ground to the ground wire (black), and 3.3V to the red wire. Then, add a 4.7K resistor between 3.3V and the yellow wire (signal) on the sensor

For more info you should checkout Adafruit's Raspberry Pi & DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Guide

*coughs* Bill Cipher
Wild-Bill9 months ago
You got me at Raspberry Pi and coffee.
Lukillith9 months ago
Neat idea!
Awesome. Thanks for updating.
CalebB57 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos9 months ago
Thanks! It was a fun project to create.