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Picture of Autonomous Kitchen Garden

First, let us tell you more about ourselves:

We are two : Baptiste and Andreas, both french students in mechanical engineering. This was our first electronic project and it was done as part of our engineering degree.

What we can offer you is an autonomous garden that can grow up to 6 aromatic plants and was designed to operate without any human interaction for at least 3 weeks.

The garden can be assembled and dissembled without any tools and it measures 420x310mm.

Now, let's start working!

Step 1: Introduction

List of material:

Raw materials

- wood (MDF 6mm)

- Spraypaint

Electronic components

- Arduino nano

- Electric wires

- LED (for plant growth and warning light signal)

- Light sensor

- Moisture sensor

Process components

- Solenoids

- Pipes (4mm internal diameter)

- Angles for pipes

- 6 square pots of 90 * 90mm

- Tank (6,5 liters)

Used tools :

- Laser cutting machine

- Soldering iron

- Glue gun

Rituguptascs10 months ago
Creativity is endless isn't it? I have most certainly zero idea about how autonomy can actually be applied to gardening, let alone a setup that is for your own home. I could perhaps try the garden storage compartment, but the electrical portion of the project needs to be carefully thought through for me.
diy_bloke1 year ago

nicely done, just a few questions: you have 6 pots each with a sensor (I presume) plus one sensor for the water level, makes 7. but you only have 6 in your schematic drawing, but then in your code you only seem to have 5.
Please keep in mind that with continuous voltage on your sensors they will deteriorate pretty fast

raphan1 year ago

Why a light sensor ? In the code it controls the leds ribbon but there's no hysteresis !

What a fun garden!