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Picture of Awesome paper plane!

Who doesn't like paper planes? I know I do!

This paper plane is really easy to make, and it is surprisingly good!

Good luck :)

All you need is a piece of paper (A4), and the pair of scissors are optional - they are only if you want to try and orientate your plane. And some markers if you want to decorate the plane.

Step 1:

Picture of

Fold the paper as shown on the pictures.

I will make one soon
Lineakat (author)  Malik Al-Sharif3 years ago
let me know how it works out for you!:)

Thank you for teaching me how to make this plane ! i would like to share with you a website wich offers kinguin discont code.

baysel3 years ago
My dad taught me how to make this plane when I was young. Thanks for reminding me.
Lineakat (author)  baysel3 years ago
No problem:)