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Picture of BLASEKIN Lamp
How to assemble a chandelier with two bowls of salad

Step 1: Description

Picture of Description
you need:
1 suspension Accessory HEMMA - Wire length: 1.8 m
1 bowle BLANDA MATT (diameter: 12 cm, h 6 cm)
1 bowle SEKIN (diameter: 28 cm, h 13 cm)

zacker6 years ago
now THATS cool!! i would never thought of doing this. Im gonna have to turn a deep bowl and see how this works. Hey, if I turn it thin enough, the light will make it glow! lol
orticapungente (author) 9 years ago
if you want to see other photo's i can send you an e-mail. i just need an adress. :)
canida10 years ago
Those look great! How does the light look under the shiny metallic bowl shade?
orticapungente (author)  canida10 years ago
hi there! it look's absolutely great!! maby a little bit cold but is claerly offset by all other lamps that give a worm effect!