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Picture of Backlit Keyboard (Blue)

Backlit keyboards are keyboards where the keys are illuminated for better visibility in dim or completely dark environments or for your personal taste. Currently, those keyboards are popular among gaming, design, etc. They are used to view the keys in the dark. The keyboard we will be making has blue LED lights. Here you'll know how to make your very own backlit keyboard from your regular old boring keyboard.

Why blue you ask? Because that’s the only color we had.


- A plain old boring keyboard

- LED Strips (blue)

- Wires

- 9V Battery or 12V DC Adapter

- Male Female DC connector

- Push button switch

OPTIONAL: (For Brightness Control)

- Potentiometer (variable resistor)


- Glue Gun

- Solder machine

- Wire cutter

- Super Glue

- Acto knife

OPTIONAL: (If you have)

- Drill Machine (To make neat holes, otherwise a heated screwdriver works just fine)

Step 1: Starting off.

Picture of Starting off.
  • Take a photo of your keyboard to know the key positions.
  • Then plug out all the keys.
  • Cut small/big pieces of LED strips and arrange them according to your keyboard layout covering the base and edges.

  • Once you’re satisfied with the arrangements stick one LED strips from one edge and proceed to the next step.

question: wouldn't it be easier and more efficient to run the power for the led's right off the usb cable? the usb cabble provides a perfect 5V rail, and most led's run off the 5V rail, that and it won't interfere with the operation of the keyboard in the slightest so, idk, i'm just wondering.

AMritD4 (author)  Han_Solo_Order6611 months ago
It would be but you need to get the correct rated led strips for the same and as almost every flexible led strips are rated 12V (so was this one) I decided to channel it through its own power supply....

P.S. I have actually made one before this which used 4V white leds and directly connected to the USB power, but it showed some problem like the leds used to heat up and all, and eventually I had to take it apart.
ArmanM231 year ago
New way to approach something to make it cool... Very innovative :)
SamarpanB11 year ago

woah!! i didn't know it was this easy. I'll surely try this out.

DiptiR21 year ago

Wow nice project. You will definitely win. good luck!

I love fun keyboards! This is great :)

AMritD4 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank You !!!