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Picture of Backyard Ga-Ga Ball Pit ($300)

In my never-ending search for ways to get my kids off electronics, I decided to build a backyard ga-ga ball pit for my son as a birthday present. If you haven't heard of ga-ga ball, you're missing out!

Ga-ga ball is a game played in a fenced in "pit" similar to dodgeball. I believe it originated in Israel or became mainstream their. My son learned to play at a summer camp many years ago and we play as a family at public parks that have permanent pits.

A ga-ga ball pit typically consists of a large octagon fence 15-20ft in diameter with a height of 24-36 inches. This Instructable will show you how to build a ga-ga ball pit for your backyard that is 32inches tall with a diameter of ~20 ft in diameter. My total cost came to just under $300 and was complete in about 2 hours with the help of my brother, my son (age 12) and my son's friend (age 13).

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials

It actually took me more time to load the lumber, pay for it and get it home than it did to actually build the pit. Below are the full materials and tools needed. I had the hardware store cut the 2x4s to length. The 2"x10"s are at stock lengths. My local hardware store had some 2"x10"s that were damaged by a forklift during unloading. I offered to buy the damaged lumber at 75% off and they agreed. That saved me about $20!


1.) 2" x 4" Pressure treated lumber at 32" lengths (qty: 16) (I bought four 2x4s at 12ft lengths cut to size)

2.) 2" x 10" Pressure treated lumber at 8ft lengths (Qty: 24)

3.) 3" Course thread wood screws (qty: 200)

4.) 1.5" Course thread wood screws (qty: 100)

5.) 3" Door or Gate Hinges (qty: 16) like this


1.) Hand drill

2.) phillips driver bits

3.) Circular saw if you choose to cut the 2x4s yourself

jeanniel12 months ago
Gosh, wish you'd posted the rules of the game so it'd be all in one place! Maybe an addendum or attachment? I love the fact this gets kids out of the house and off electronics. Major thumbs up for this project!
cfleis1 (author) 2 months ago
Please vote for me in the “Backyard” contest!
Jimichan2 months ago
This looks like it has only 7 sides.
cfleis1 (author)  Jimichan2 months ago
Yup! 2,300 views and your the first to call it out! I couldn’t fit all 8 sides within the trees so I used 7. Still works just great! One of the trees is dying so when I take it down I’ll add the 8th side.

Thanks for checking out my instructable!
Gusgonnet2 months ago
amazing! Great idea and thank you for introducing me to Ga Ga Go.
jprussack2 months ago
Love some Ga-Ga!!
seamster2 months ago
I've never heard of this game, but I'm guessing my kids would love it. Thank you for sharing this, and for turning us onto a new outdoor game! : )
cfleis1 (author)  seamster2 months ago
Your kids would love it! Since building the pit, I’ve gotten to meet many new kid and parents in the neighborhood!
This sounds like a great idea for getting kids outside and you could use a fence like this for so many things! Little kid play area in general, large sandbox, or a humungous ball pit :D