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Picture of Backyard Woodfire Pizza Oven

I have always been a fan of the taste of woodfired pizza, but never even thought about making one myself until I redid my backyard and patio. I was very nervous going into the project because I assumed that making my own pizza oven would take a level of skill and money I didn't have (I am not a professional mason or constriction worker, just a hobbyist), but even I was impressed with how my project turned out, to the point I wanted to share how easy and fun it was with others.

There is also a series of Youtube videos to follow along with if the steps seem too confusing for you or is you are a visual learner like me who benefits greatly from the demonstration. The video is in three parts, each corresponding with a step or sequence of steps in the project and you are free to share and edit as you like, it is Creative Commons material that belongs to everyone. I made sure that the video is only supplementary, you don't need it to complete the project if you follow the instructions I wrote to be as in-depth and helpful as possible. If you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment asking for help of message me.

Hopefully you have as much fun as I did making my own Backyard Pizza Oven, and enjoy your very own authentic woodfire pizza after you are all done!

Step 1: Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Gloves, safety glasses, boots and mask
  • Concrete or cement mortar (refractory grade for heat resistance) like this, this product here or here
  • Small cement trowel
  • Sand (optional)
  • Metal Chimney or other cylindrical metal part (optional)
  • Heat resistant firebricks, 4'' by 9'' thick by 2.50'' thick similar to this product
  • Heat resistant firebricks, 4" by 9" thick by 1.25" thick similar to this product
  • Common red bricks
  • Outdoor paint (optional)
  • Shovel
  • Containers or tubs for Cement mixing
  • Tape measure
  • 8-inch cinder-blocks available here
  • Paving tiles
  • Loctite Landscape Construction Adhesive from here
  • Caulk Gun (for Adhesive)
  • Plywood (3/4") and wood planks (I used 1" by 1' pine)
  • Level (optional)
  • Angle grinder with masonry wheel (optional) from here
Jasmin D1 month ago
Looks Awesome!
mark ideas1 month ago
good job
GregS2781 month ago
Nice I love pizza do you think a front door would help heat to oven faster and more evenly?
Gundlrak1 month ago
Here’s my wood Fired Pizza oven I built with a lot on planing and hard work two sets of plans and Forno Bravo I designed and built this .
Gundlrak, maybe it would be more appropriate to do your own Instructble.
Nice but I bet yours cost a little bit more than this one. I like the removable front damper door!
Nice work, and this actually looks doable! Thanks so much for sharing!
jproffer1 month ago
You really should be insulating the firebrick from the outside world with rockwool, and there's no heat being trapped in the cavern. You should partially block the top part of the front arch so heat stays inside and reaches the food being cooked inside it. Right now it seems it's just relying on conducted heat and direct heat from the fire. You're losing a lot of the functionality and benefits of a pizza oven.
don02oon1 month ago
awesome project ideas!
Starkey04171 month ago
This is awesome! What do you think your final cost was?
seamster1 month ago
This looks fantastic! Very well done, thank you for sharing the details.