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Step 4: Using the Firelighters

Picture of Using the Firelighters

Light your bacon infused firelighter and lay it in the bottom of the firepit. You will not need any other fire lighting material such as paper or bark. Stack your kindling and logs around it as you would a normal firelighter or paper - make sure you leave spaces for oxygen, fire needs food!

When we did a trial run on these firelighters we were extremely pleased with the results. You do not in fact need a whole piece of kindling to start the fire, so we chopped one length of kindling into 3-4 smaller pieces and used them as firelighters instead. They take a wee bit to light - you might not get the job done with a match - but once they are alight, they burn slow and steady like a candle, giving you plenty of time to get your wood stacked in the most efficiently flammable way.

Sit back and enjoy your fire. Toast marshmallows. Make smores. Ahhhhh summer camping....

We stored our infused kindling in a plastic bag so oil didn't get on other things. This worked well and after 12 months it doesn't smell hinky or anything.

The only downside I can see is that these firelighters don't emit a delicious bacon smell. Actually... that's probably a good thing! Bacon consumption rates would go through the roof!